Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Favorites

Another week in the books! I hope you all had a fun St. Patrick's Day! We didn't do anything and that was just fine by me! I dressed the boys in matching outfits {shocker!} and got a cute picture...and about 10 other terrible pictures while trying to get said good picture.

Today I'm linking up for friday favorites.

 The weather this week has been awesome! We got out yesterday after naps and I told Patrick it was the perfect temperature and I wished it stayed like this year round. We went for a nice walk and then played in the backyard until it was time for dinner. Graham rode in the stroller seat for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

This weekend we are having Graham baptized and my parents and one of my sisters and niece are coming into town. I can't wait to see everyone. This awesome weather we are having is of course ending and on Sunday the high is 40s with rain...guess I'll be changing what I had planned to put Jack in!

After several weeks of the four month sleep regression I think that we may be back on track! {I just jinxed myself} Both boys have taken afternoon naps most days this week. Yesterday they both slept for 2 hours..At. The. Same. Time. {and all the moms said Amen!}

I love when I'm sitting with Jack on the sofa and he reaches up and grabs my hand. What a sweet reminder of how much I love this boy. I will hold on forever because I know one day soon he isn't going to want to hold my hand. {I'm going to go cry now}

I ordered the precious painted Easter eggs from a friend on Facebook. They came yesterday and are even sweeter than I thought. The packaging was so cute I'm having a hard time wanting to take them out.

While at target yesterday I came across this game. I had to get it after hearing rave reviews over Christmas. I can't wait to play it!

I hope you have a great weekend! Maybe the weather your way won't be as gross as ours! The taste of warm spring weather has definitely been well received in our house!

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