Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Fri-YAY!! I can't believe this was the last full week of preschool {insert sobbing emoji here} The boys go Tuesday and then are done.   Thankfully the last week in May and first week in June Jack can go to camp at his school.

If you follow me on insta (@threeboysandagirlblog) and happened to see my instastories on Monday you saw that I made a big trip to Trader Joe's! We don't have one in our town so I drove the 35 minutes to Raleigh and went to theirs. They have so many yummy things and my cart was packed full by the time I went to check out!

I always love seeing what others buy from there so today I thought I'd share my 5 favorite things from this weeks trip!

O N E | Everything But the Bagel Seasoning...this stuff is so good! if you love an everything bagel you will LOVE this! I put it on roasted broccoli and potatoes the other night and it was delish!

T W O | Chile Lime Seasoning Blend... I wasn't sure about this  but wanted to try it! I used it in the oven fajitas I made on Monday night and it was yummy! It added just a slight kick with a tart punch from the lime. The cashier said its great on pineapple and other fruits too!

T H R E E | Teeny Tiny Avocados...I don't know about you but I hate that avocados are so big because I never end up using the whole thing before it goes bad. Well I was browsing the avocado section and saw this bag. They are baby Hass avocados and the perfect size to use all in one sitting. I used one for my avocado toast this morning. They are just the cutest!

 F O U R | Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip...I was interested in trying this and it did not disappoint. It's great with veggies and also pretzels (how I ate it this week)

F I V E | I can't wait to try this! I've been so intimidated by making my own cauliflower crust so when I saw this I knew I had to grab it!

S I X | What's better than dark chocolate AND peanut butter? I grabbed this and luckily I haven't eaten the entire container yet. I love a little something sweet in the evenings and I find that just one mini cup satisfies me! 

And now for 2 bonus favorites from this week! 

S E V E N | This was one of the gifts that I got from Graham for Mother's Day from school...I just love it! 

E I G H T | Is there anything better than happy mail? Sweet Caroline from The Whimsical Pineapple sent me this happy and it just made my day! 

I hope that you have a great weekend! Jack and I are going to see Paw Patrol Live on Sunday..we will see how that goes! 

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  1. Girl, I'm over here sobbing about the last day of preschool, too! (Ahhhhhh!) And I cannot be trusted alone in T.J.'s. I seriously buy ALL THE THINGS! I need to try that seasoning and the dip, yum! That card is just precious! I die!

  2. I need to try the first seasoning. I love everything bagels!! Thanks for sharing that. That preschool gift from graham is too cute!!!

  3. I love love trader joes! All of your finds look amazing-YES to small avocadoes! I always eat way too much or throw away, too!

  4. Love seeing what you got! I should have grabbed those mini avocados yesterday. So good.

  5. I LOVE TJ. I need to go this weekend and I will try that everything but the bagel seasoning. Sounds amazing. Love those chocolate and peanut butter treats. We have gotten those many times. How was the cauliflower pizza crust?

  6. I so wish we had a Trader Joes close to us. I've always wanted to visit! You definitely scored some yummy things!! Happy Friday!

  7. I would kill for a Trader Joe's in Greenville!

  8. Where Is the tassel keychain from? I've been looking for one.

  9. I'm obsessed with the everything bagel seasoning. We have the chili lime seasoning too!

  10. The mini guacs are my go to. We never need an entire large one so this is what we tend to use more time than not. And the Chile Lime Seasoning Blend is going on my to get list.

  11. I LOVED watching your Trader Joe's stories. I meant to get that everything seasoning last time, but totally forgot! Next time! And I think I told you, but I love their mini party meatballs!