Friday, May 26, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Fri-YAY! For some reason this has seemed like a really long week.

Lets hop right on in to my favorites from the week...

O N E | Last day of school...this picture makes me happy and sad. I can't believe how much my baby has grown over the last 9 months! He really has gone from a toddler to a little boy! I can't wait to see what he looks like at the end of next year.

T W O | Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower. I have wanted them all over our yard for years. We have several planted around different beds in our backyard. Each year we like to get a few pots to put on our porch and then will plant them at the end of the season. This year the blooms are huge! I love looking out on my porch and seeing them.

T H R E E | Graham had his 18 month check up this week and is 24 lbs and healthy as can be! I can't believe he will be 19 months old this weekend. He's growing so fast.

F O U R | My sister got a Peloton bike a few months ago and has been obsessed with it. Literally its all she thinks about! I have loved doing spin class for many years but due to the schedule and child care situation I haven't been able to do it much. We decided to take the plunge and buy a bike of our own and it was delivered this week. I am loving it! It has so many different options as far as classes. You can even take live classes and it feels as if you are actually there.

F I V E | Jack has taken tumble weekly all year and on Tuesday he had his parent observation. It was so cute to see what he has been learning! He's the only boy in the class but his two little best girlfriends are in there and he never seemed to mind.

We are headed to Charlotte this weekend. We will be celebrating my dads 70th birthday with a fun party! Speaking of this weekend, I know that it is also Memorial Weekend. Everyone is excited about the long weekend and official start to summer. My sweet friend Sarah who I've met through blogging wrote this on her Facebook page and I wanted to share it with you all. It really spoke to me and reminded me exactly why we celebrate Memorial Day. It is not about the red white and blue cakes, the pool parties, or the three day is about SO much more! Thank you for sharing Sarah and for being so open and honest with all of us. Your husband is among the true heroes of our country!!

This is Jane, one of my best friends. Jane is just one of thousands that lives with Memorial Day every single day. 
Just imagine, being in your 20s, sitting at your husband's funeral and being handed a folded flag that you are told is on behalf of a grateful nation, and then to realize that many people in that very grateful nation, don't even understand the one day a year we dedicate to our fallen heroes. 
I spoke to another friend this morning, she was hysterically crying because it's not even the weekend yet and she'd had her fill of "Happy Memorial Day" and all of the talks of beaches, sales, and BBQs. For her, the folded American flag that she now has in place of her husband is something that has gone unnoticed by the American people as we approach this sacred holiday. 
As for me, I've already read too many emails and blogs that reference "Happy Memorial Day!" and talk in detail about the red, white and blue desserts they'll make or clothes they will wear with not a single mention of the reason behind those most precious colors. 
I think the point is this: no one begrudges celebration, and I am confident that the Fallen would want those closest to them to live life - and to live it well. But what I think we owe them, and their families as a country who has benefitted greatly from their ULTIMATE SACRIFICE is to take a moment before the festivities and excitement of a 3 day weekend and really pause and consider the weight and significance of those who raised their hands and were killed preserving the American way of life (beaches, sales, and BBQ included).

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  1. First, thank you for sharing what Sarah wrote. It's so true: it's not just about the sales.

    I can't believe how big Jack looked at the end of school this year, and sweet Graham at his doctor's appointment! Hydrangeas are my favorite flower, too, and I'm so jealous of your beautiful blooms!! Happy Friday, friend!

  2. I want one of those bikes so bad. I love spin class, but haven't taken a class since the girls were born. I miss it and would love a bike like this. I can't believe how much Graham has grown. And yay for tumble class for Jack. Looks like he has the best time. Have a great weekend!

  3. What a great reminder of what Memorial Day really means - thank you! I hope you have fun in Charlotte. Those school pics always get me, they really do grow so much in a year! xoxo ERIN

  4. Jack DID grow a ton this year! He really looks like he went from a baby to a little boy. Why does it have to happen so fast?? Have a great weekend, Emily!

  5. Jack really has gone from a toddler to little boy!!! And I am so jealous you have that bike! I loved spin class, and would love to have something like that myself. You will have to share after awhile your thoughts on it! The note at the end really is true. We get so focused on the long weekend, the kick off to summer, all that, and we don't realize what it is really about!

  6. Jack grew so much this year! Both of your boys are just adorable. Happy to your dad! Mine turned 70 last week! That bike sounds really cool. Thanks for the reminder about Memorial Day as well.

  7. I am always so amazed at how much of a difference I see from the beginning of the year to the end. It's crazy. How can they grow up that much in one year? And thank you for sharing Sarah's words. So powerful and true.

  8. Gosh that pictures and post from your friend gave me chills. So true and I am so grateful for all the brave heroes that fight for our country.

    Your hydrangeas are beautiful! My favorite flower! My dream home will have a yard full of them :)