Thursday, May 4, 2017

Thoughts for Thursday

Hey y'all! This week has been pretty uneventful which has been nice!

Jumping right on into my thoughts/confessions for the week...

* I have started a low key "keto" diet this week and man, I miss ALL the carbs!! I will say that I feel really good and making healthy choices has been pretty easy. Probably bc we have eaten all meals at home. This weekend will be a different story. Although I am still going to enjoy my life and if that means a slice of pizza..well I'll enjoy it! We had tacos last night and I used lettuce as my "shell" it wasn't terrible, but I did miss some tortilla chips haha

* I am not ready for hot and humid! Yesterday was absolutely beautiful, high about 80 but zero humidity. I could definitely go for that all summer.

* I am so sick of Moana and Trolls. They are both so cute but man we watch them/listen to them non stop. I need another movie for my kids to get obsessed with!

* Graham has really started repeating words that we say and it's so cute. I love his little voice!

* Jack has been so sweet and snuggly lately but man he has an attitude!! I don't know what to do about it. We put him in time out, I redirect him, I do not want to have a sassy kid and need to nip this now. Any suggestions would be so appreciated!

* We have got to figure out when we are going to Michigan this summer. I dread paying for those plane tickets. This will be our last summer before we have to buy 4..ugh.

* I am obsessed with Grey's Anatomy reruns..I have seen them probably 5 times each and yet I still can't turn it off every afternoon during the boys nap. Anyone else still watch it?

* I am having a blogging slump...I love the weekly link ups that I participate in, but I'm having writers block. If there is anything you would like for me to post about I'd love to know!!

* The whole instagram game is really driving me insane. I want to gain genuine followers and the whole follow/unfollow thing and the algortihm that IG uses is making me crazy! I am missing out on seeing some of the faces that I really want to see and instead seeing feeds of folks I don't want to see!

Ok that's enough for one week! I hope you have a great Thursday! See you tomorrow for my favorites.. Mother's Day edition!

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  1. I was walking with one of my friends the other day and she was talking about the keto diet and thinking about doing it. Is that just high fat and low carb? And what made you decide to start it? I love talking about health!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Girl, I feel you on the sassy! This age is so fun yet so challenging! And yes, totally not ready for hot, humid and sweating the second I walk out a door.

  3. I love Grey's Anatomy, but I think the reruns are WAY better than the newer episodes!

  4. I still watch Grey's but I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan. I just watch it out of habit I guess! I like the idea of lettuce as a taco shell! I've done the lettuce as a hamburger "bun" before. Totally agree about Instagram!

  5. UGH I miss the old days of Grey's. When Derrick died, my love of the show did too. We still watch because at this point I am a loyal follower and just need to know what is happening, but it has totally lost its spark for me! The toddler sass is SO real. Like sweet as can be one minute, and so naughty the next!
    I am in a bit of a blogging slump, too. I would say I would love to see a day in the life post, and any of your summer fashion finds/suggestions! :-)

  6. Grey's Anatomy is my favorite! I can watch it over and over. Never gets old! I feel like the newer ones aren't as good, but I still can't stop and won't stop watching! Ha!

  7. I would miss taco shells and chips too!! We are having sassy kids too so I am following for some advice as well. We have a Moana party tonight to attend. I hope I can handle it alone. Yikes. I love Grey's. I still love the early reruns with Izzy too. So good. I am in a blogging slump because work is busy and stressful.

  8. UGH to Instagram. I think something has changed just this week because I am getting hardly any new followers. Before, I was getting about 70-80 new followers per day and then 40-50 would unfollow me for an overall gain of 30-ish per day, but for the last week, I'm only getting like 8-10 new ones per day and I'm getting unfollowed by around 8-10 as well, so my number hasn't moved in days. I have no idea what they've done!

    And I'm also tired of missing posts from my favorite people on there, too, so it might be time for me to clean out who I'm following. Half of the people who show up in my feed are people who I don't even know! Lol. Time for a purge!!

  9. I am also kind of in a blogging/Instagram slump. I think it's OK. It will come back to you - let yourself have a mental break and come back to it. Running always helps jog some ideas too. You're doing great mama!

  10. I've been in a blogging slump lately too. We'll get through together. :) You know what I do with Instagram? I'm bad. When someone follows me, I do not follow them back until I see them interacting with me. I'm not going to put the effort in if they are just going to unfollow me. Once they do that then I'm all game. I hate the stupid follow/unfollow game. I don't need or want followers that bad to participate in that crap.

  11. Blogging slumps seem to come with summer I think. Its really hard to keep on when you get in one of those :(. I usually just share about what's going on in our world or things that relate to that. But sometimes we're just ao dan borring. I hope you are having an amazing weekend!

  12. Blogging slumps seem to come with summer I think. Its really hard to keep on when you get in one of those :(. I usually just share about what's going on in our world or things that relate to that. But sometimes we're just ao dan borring. I hope you are having an amazing weekend!

  13. So obsessed with Greys!! I have watched since day 1. I can't find any shows that I love as much as that one!