Thursday, July 21, 2016

Six to Nine Month Favorites

I haven't written a favorites post in a long time. Now that Graham is almost nine months old I figured that I would update everyone on what our favorite products have been to get us thus far!

Six months is when I really think Graham "woke up" and started becoming more of a baby and less of an infant. He started to like and dislike things and he began laughing and talking {yelling/squealing}. We also started baby food so that has been fun to see what he likes or doesn't like {hint: he loves it all}

With each month that we've had Graham has grown and developed a little bit more. At six months he still wasn't sitting unassisted. But by eight months he was sitting alone and starting to reach for things. Now at almost nine months he has able to go from sitting to his belly and does the "hover". I really think he's going to be crawling by the end of the month!

Baby Oatmeal- This is what we first started Graham on when we started solids. I have skipped rice cereal with both my boys because I've always heard it has no nutritional value.

Maracas- Graham loves these. They are small enough that he can hold them in his hand and of course anything that makes noise is a win for a baby.

Bath Seat- This was a total game changer for bath time! I like to bathe the boys together and Graham had outgrown the baby tub but wasn't stable enough to sit in the tub by himself. This keeps him sitting and safe from big brother splashing and thrashing around in the tub. {I got mine off eBay and it came super fast!}

Travel Sophie- This is a great thing to throw in the car/purse/carseat when we go anywhere. Graham can grasp it easily and I can also attach it with rings to anything.

Sound Machine- I have always used a sound machine with both boys. It's a must in my book to have babies sleeping good. We turn it up loud and it drowns out any other noise.

Baby Brezza- If you are formula feeding this is hands down a must! It makes bottles in seconds and they are already warm! It's like a keurig for formula. go to for mamas who formula feed!

Jumperoo- Graham loves this! He goes to town jumping up and down.

Baby food pouches- I totally made my own baby food with Jack but with a busy toddler and a baby that just didn't happen with Graham. I love the organic pouches, they are portable and super easy to carry around. Especially once they are able to suck them straight from the spout.

Sophie- This is also a great toy for babies. It makes for a great teether too!

Pacis- Both my boys have been huge paci lovers and we've gone with Mam from the start.

Baby Piano- This is a fun toy, it plays music, counts, and plays animal sounds. A great developmental toy for babies


  1. I wish I had the baby breeza when the girls were on formula. It would have helped so much. My girls love their pacis and sophies. Those were huge and still are in our house.

  2. I think for all the formula mommies out there is also a must. Free shipping, great choice and good customer service.