Friday, July 8, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's Fri-YAY! I do love having a 4 day work week, it makes the weekend get here so much faster. I'm so ready for a relaxing weekend. Patrick has worked his butt off the past several days and it's made for some long days with the boys.

My favorites this week are full of randoms.

O N E // A family friend gave Jack this Melissa and Doug matching pattern blocks kit when Graham was born. I put it aside because we have so many toys and figured he would find it when he was ready and wanted to play with it. Sure enough he discovered it sitting on the shelf the other day and he has been having so much fun with it. I highly recommend it for toddlers. There are so many combinations you could use for shapes to get the picture. It's going to be our go to gift for birthday parties this year!

T W O // I am back on an organizing kick. We have a spare bedroom upstairs and the closet has become a catch all for random things and also for Patricks dress clothes. While Graham napped yesterday I took everything out of the closet and began to organize. I threw away a garbage bag full of his old work t-shirts that were disgusting and just sitting in a pile on the floor. There is a stack of clothes to donate and then I put back whatever was left. It feels good to have this space organized and not just a catch all anymore.



T H R E E // I was sitting on the floor with the boys the other day and looked down and saw this. I about cried right then and there. I just adore the bond that these two have and each day gets better. I can't wait until they are actually able to play with each other. While I'm sure there will be plenty of arguing and fighting I hope that there are equally the same amount of sweet times and hugs between them. 

F O U R // The other day I came home from running some errands and noticed that my sweet sitter had organized the boys play room while Graham napped. This book shelf is in a constant state of disaster at any given time. I have organized the books over and over and no sooner than they get set does Jack come and tear them apart. I loved seeing this sight and thankfully they have stayed like this for several days now! 

F I V E // For the Fourth of July I needed an easy dessert to make. A friend suggested this and it did not disappoint. It was so easy to throw together. It was my first time having golden oreos and man, I've been missing out! I've never been a big fan of regular oreos but these are amazing! 


I hope that you have a great weekend! We are keeping it pretty low key around here. I am headed out of town for a quick over night to help host a baby shower for a high school friend of mine. It'll be a short trip but so fun to see all my girlfriends! 

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  1. I commend your organizing kick! I need to do some of that badly, but it is so much more fun to go outside and play!

  2. Have a great time with your girlfriends.
    I love when high school friends stay connected

  3. Oh I need to make that dessert. I love golden oreos so this is something I could eat the entire thing. Ha. That picture of your boys is so cute. HOlding hands is the sweetest. I love organizing too. But I have a lot more to do. Seems like I do it a couple times a year but I feel so great after. Have fun with your girlfriends!!! And have a great weekend Emily!

  4. We have that Melissa and Doug toy too! It's great! Also, I feel you on the bookshelf. Ours is the same way...

  5. Love that pattern blocks kit! I'll be adding that to Stella's birthday list! Your babysitter is just amazing--organizer and photographer!