Thursday, July 14, 2016

Favorite Things {Blogger Exchange}

Man, does this week feel like it's dragging on for anyone else? I feel like it should have been Friday two days ago! Probably because we are leaving for vacation on Tuesday so I'm excited about that and just ready for it to get here.

A few weeks ago Jess and Sarah posted about a fun blogger exchange! I was so excited to read about it and instantly wanted to participate. The theme was "favorite things". We were paired with two bloggers and we were to send them our favorite thing(s) with a $10 cap.  I always love reading about others favorite things and usually end up purchasing them to try out.

I was paired with Stefanie {Lexie Loo, Lily. Liam & Dylan Too}  and Crystal {Masons Mama} and I immediately knew what I wanted to send them.

 I have posted before about my love for dry shampoo. It's no secret if you've read my blog that I hate washing my hair. So any chance I can get to extend my hair from one wash to the next I take it. I have used so many different dry shampoos in the past. I've tried everything from drug store brand to Dry Bar brand. Several month's ago I tried this particular brand and immediately fell in love. It has a fresh smell but isn't over powering and it doesn't leave my hair feeling totally gunked up with product. I really feel like it works so well and is the best out of all the products I have tried in the past. It's a bit on the expensive side so I sent them the travel bottle. I actually purchased one for myself and keep it in my toiletry kit and take it with me every trip I go on.

I have several favorite things and wanted to include two other small 'bonus' things. I know the non elastic hair ties have been around forever and they have always been my go to for pulling my hair in a bun or pony tail. I found these at target and I think they work just as good as the more expensive ones you can find in a boutique.

Also..Chocolate. Who doesn't love chocolate? Add in some peanut butter and you've pretty much sold me on my favorite treat! Peanut Butter M&M's rank up there with my top favorite candy. 99.9% of the time I go to pick some candy at a gas station for a road trip this is what I reach for.

It was fun to put this little happy together and I really hope that Stefanie and Crystal enjoyed opening it and have loved using my favorite things!

I received my first happy from Sarah. She sent her's straight from Amazon which I thought was genius! I laughed when I opened the box. We must have been on the same wave length when we picked out our favorite thing. She sent me dry shampoo! I was really excited because this is a brand that I have yet to try. I have read great things about it in the past and can't wait to try it out! I think I need to do a post about the comparison between the two and maybe throw in a drug store brand too!

The second happy was from Danielle. I was so excited to get Danielle's favorite thing because she has become one of my favorite blogger friends! She's been so sweet and helped me so much as I've started this journey. She has spend countless hours emailing back and fourth answering all my questions and giving me great advice! Danielle gave me This Age Rewind Eraser for dark circle. She obviously is a mama to young kids and knows what little sleep we get these days. My dark circles are real and large! I have had another friend talk about this before and have been wanting to try it. I was shocked when I opened the package to see that it was what she sent! I'm so excited to try it out and watch these ugly dark circles fade away! Maybe I can at least fake that I'm well rested and bright eyed!

I had the best time participating in this blogger exchange. I can't wait to see what the next one is that comes up! Thanks again Sara and Jess for taking this on!


  1. Dry shampoo is a genius idea! I hadn't heard of the kind you sent but I received the brand Sarah sent when I hosted my favorite things party here at my house. So glad you participated and enjoyed it. :)

  2. Living Proof is my fave...and I've tried sooo many. Batiste is a drugstore brand.


  3. Yep totally on the same wave length because I, too, loathe washing my hair!!! And I was just thinking the other day how if I would have mailed the bottle myself, I would have thrown in some of those hair ties! They are THE BEST! And I hope Stefanie enjoys dry shampoo as much as we do because she was one of my partners so she got both kinds! And yes, please do a comparison/review!!!

  4. So happy you loved my favorite item. I can't wait to try that dry shampoo too. I am always looking for good ones. Still searching for sure.

  5. I need to try the Living Proof dry shampoo. I've tried so many brands and that's one that I have yet to try. Right now, I'm loving the Not Your Mother's one. You are going to love that dark circle eraser. It's definitely one of my favorite products!

  6. I was JUST telling my hubs Saturday that I wish I had some dry shampoo. I've never tried it, but thanks for the recommendation... I've never known what kind to get!

  7. This was such a fun exchange! I thought it was funny that I received dry shampoo from you and Sarah. I use dry shampoo all the time and I love trying out new brands. This one went into my purse right away and I've used it several times on the go!

  8. Dry shampoo for everyone!! Love it!! ;)

  9. This was such a fun exchange! I am loving the dry shampoo! And that age rewind is my favorite product EVER! I use it every single day!