Thursday, May 26, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Thursday we meet again...Lets jump right in with my confessions this week.

I confess...

// That I've felt like time has stood still all week. Yesterday I could have sworn it was at least Thursday. Thinking back to Monday seems like two weeks ago.

// That I can't wait to get to the beach this weekend but I hear the weather may be bad and I'm going to be so sad if it rains the whole time.

// That Jack has a love hate relationship with outside. We have terrible gnats and they always swarm around your face/ears so anytime he hears them he covers his ears and yells "da bugs in my ears!!" and will walk around like this but doesn't want to go inside. It cracks me up every time.

He's not this skinny...he is sucking it in #idofeedhim

// That last night I had to run out to pick up some cookies I ordered for Jacks school party today and threw Jack in the car with me. He had been playing outside in the water table before and got soaking wet so he had nothing but a diaper on. He did manage to grab his rain boots. We then made a quick stop at my friends store to pick something up and thankfully I had a sweatshirt in the car. Nothing like a toddler in a sweatshirt, diaper, and rain boots in 85 degree weather. {sigh!}

// That Jack has been asking me to "wok me mama" after I lay him down at night. My answer is always "ok baby!" as much as I'm ready to be done adulting at that point I'm more than happy to get him out of his crib and sit and rock him. He always requests "Sing Jesus loves me", "sunshine song" and "rock bye baby" I know that these moments are going to be few and far between sooner than later so I'm all about rocking that sweet boy as much as he wants!

// That today is Jack's last day of mother's morning out and I can't believe it! I have loved his teachers so much. Thankfully we already have a great relationship with his teacher for next year and we love her just the same! He will be going to her house this summer 3 mornings a week for "camp".

// That while I love summer I don't love the temps. We totally bypassed spring temps this year and its already in the 80's and 90's. Humidity is not my friend and with a toddler who wants to be outside nonstop I'm really going to need to change my attitude towards the heat {or permanently attach a fan to myself}

// That we successfully dropped Grahams middle of the night feed!!! He has been STTN for a week now and there's no turning back. He did so much better than I thought. He only cried for the first night and only 30 min. Now his 5am wake up the past two days is another story.

That's it for me! I hope you have a great day. Check back tomorrow for my Friday Favorites!

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  1. Yay for sleeping through the night!! Wahoo!! Jack's outfit last night cracks me up. Whatever you gotta do to survive. Ha ha!

  2. Yay sleeping!! Baby steps and E still wakes that early. Don't you love when you do things you promised you would never do, like let your toddler go anywhere with no clothes? Oh mom life.

  3. I'm off on my days this week too! I totally thought today was Friday when I woke up - such a bummer! Weeks before long weekends (or vacations) always seem to drag. Yay for dropping Graham's middle of the night feeding! That's gotta be one of the best milestones to hit, haha.

  4. Sleeping through the night and not having nighttime bottles/feeds are amazing. I couldn't stop laughing at Jack's pantless outfit on IG. So cute though. I can't believe how big he has gotten over the last year. Our weather is crazy right now. 60s and then 80s and then wind and rain. So annoying. I don't do well with humidity either.

  5. This week is DRAGGING. I was just thinking the same thing yesterday. I think it's because preschool is out and our days aren't really as scheduled as they once were!