Friday, May 13, 2016

Friday Favorites!


Woohoo it's Fri-Yay! The end of our week has been much better than the start of our week. I'm linking up today to talk about my favorite things today!

one// Fresh Flowers. I love fresh flowers, we don't have anywhere local that sells awesome fresh ones so I rarely get them. When I was in the grocery store the other day I passed by the floral department and spotted some peonies and tulips. Both are some of my favorite flowers and I decided to pick them up. They have no disappointed. They bring such cheer to my kitchen and den. I may have to make this a weekly thing.

two// I have talked about how I love to have my nails done. I usually get a hot pink or red color. Recently I've discovered my new favorite that will be my supper staple. OPI Mod About You-Pastel is the perfect 'neutral'. I also love that it doesn't show as badly as your nails grow out, which means getting them done less frequently. {My husband is happy}

three// I got an Apple Watch for Christmas. I've never really talked about it on the blog but I am really loving it. I love that when I do my workouts it keeps track of the time, calories burned, Heart Rate, and other things. I can get texts, emails, and phone calls right to my watch too. I picked up this new band a few weeks ago and its the perfect spring/summer color.

four// I made this pasta dish earlier this week. It was similar to a lasagna but only dirtied up one pan. Bonus, its weight watchers friendly!

five// I love being able to put my boys in matching outfits. I know this season will pass quickly before Jack is demanding to wear Under Armour and Nike so I'm going to do it while I can. However, trying to get a picture of both of them smiling and looking at the camera is next to impossible.

Six// We gave this darling watering can to my MIL for Mother's Day. I think it turned out so cute and was such a clever idea. {I stole it from a friend}. It would make a great gift for anyone.

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend! We don't have much planned. I have my babysitter coming one night so that Patrick and I can have a date night. I'm sure we will spend as much time outside as we can.

*linking up with Karli, April, and Erika.


  1. Fresh flowers always make me so happy!! Love the boys in matching outfits. Omg the cuteness!! Great Mother's Day gift.

  2. I have fresh tulips right now from Mother's Day and I love them! I missed having fresh flowers in the house!! I love having my nails done as well. I just painted mine a very pale, neutral lavender that I never thought I would like, but I LOVE it! I love that shade you chose as well - so pretty! That pasta looks delicious! And I love that picture of the boys in the matching shirts!