Monday, May 23, 2016

Scenes From My Weekend

Monday morning we meet again! Why do the weekends go so fast? Our weekend was pretty low key, which is fine by me!

Friday started with some lounging around before Jack headed to school.

I went to a barre class and to Hobby Lobby while Jack was at school. I was on the hunt for some artwork for his room but left empty handed. I did however see that they have decided to start putting out FALL {you read that right} decorations. Too soon, just too soon! 

 After school we just relaxed at home. Jack is really into suckers theres days and since he had been so good I promised him one after nap time. Sure enough, he didn't forget that! The first words out of his mouth when I got him up were "I want my sucker!" The boys just played all afternoon. I looked around and saw Jack laying like this. I instantly felt like I was looking at a 10 year old and not my little 2.5 year old! 

Friday night we had some friends over and ordered pizza. The boys played outside and drove Jacks truck around the backyard. I left my phone inside so I didn't get any pictures, but they were so cute and had so much fun. 

Saturday morning we ran some errands after Grahams nap and then went over to my in-laws to visit. Jack helped my FIL change a tire on his bike and Graham enjoyed some Nana time. We ended up eating a quick lunch with them before heading home for nap. 

Saturday afternoon we headed to Raleigh to celebrate my childhood best friends little boys first birthday! It was a lot of fun. I cannot believe that he is already a year old. It was a late afternoon cookout so I was worried how Graham would do since typically this is when he fusses non stop. He did pretty well! We left right about his bedtime and he slept the whole way home. 

Sunday morning brought about more errands, we made a family trip to Lowes and to the grocery store. I headed to watch some of my favorite little girls dance in their recital that afternoon. I made BBQ chicken sliders for supper. They were so good and easy! If you're looking for a quick and easy crockpot shredded bbq chicken recipe look no further. We put the chicken on hawaiian rolls but I've also put it on pizza, salads, quesadillas...the possibilities are endless. Make a double batch and use it in two recipes throughout the week! 

This little guy is boycotting food these days. I am really trying to get him to eat what we put on his plate and his first word out of his mouth is always "dats yucky!" For lunch I gave him a cheese quesadilla...dinner was mac n cheese...we aren't talking fish or snails here. He sat there in protest and didn't eat a thing for dinner. I told him nothing else to eat and being the stubborn child he is he said "ok" and didn't ask for another thing.  If anyone has any tips on how to get your toddler to eat please send them my way! I don't know how he survives on the little food that he does eat.

This is Jack's last week of MMO. I really can't believe the year has come and gone. We are going to ride the little train at the rec center today as a field trip. Jack will be so excited, he loves a train! 

I hope you had a great weekend!

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  1. Fall decorations!? WHAT?!?

  2. Okay what is up with hobby lobby having fall stuff out? It's not even summer yet. Did they forget about the months of sun we have ahead? Come on! Love all of your weekend pictures. Looks like it was a great one! :)

  3. OMG I can't believe all the fall stuff at Hobby Lobby already! It's not even summer yet! Mila has been the same way as Jack when it comes to food lately. She won't eat anything we give her. Except mac and cheese. But it has to be a specific kind. If we give her the wrong kind, she refuses to touch it. Kids!!

  4. Fall decorations are out??? That is insane. Way too early. I have no advice on toddler eats. My girls love meats, cheeses and carbs. Some veggies they like and some they go back and forth on. As for fruit, they had it. They used to love it, but now they won't touch it. So weird. Looks like a great weekend though!!!