Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Here we are again, time for Thursday Confessions. I'm linking up with Danielle and Lynn this morning. This is always one of my favorite posts, not only to write but also to read.  Lets get on with my crazy for the week.

I confess....

// That if you read my post yesterday you know that I have lost my you know what more times than I'd like to admit this week. Sometimes we just need a do-over and as far as my parenting skills this week I'm not winning any mother of the year awards!

//That Jack may drive me crazy with his whining and temper tantrums but he also makes me smile and laugh more than anything. He wouldn't take these sun glasses off yesterday.

// That I have a weird obsession with following cookie decorators on instagram. I love watching their videos of them decorating the sugar cookies. It fascinates me. Partly because I love to bake and partly because I can't imagine being that detailed and having that steady of a hand to do what they do!

// That I loved reading everyone's Mother's Day recaps but my Mother's Day sort of went unnoticed this year. We came back from being out of town and my husband isn't much for thinking ahead when it comes to things like this. Sigh. There's always next year!

// That I'm trying to organize an end of year class gift and I am failing miserably. It's so hard when you don't know all the parents and you're trying to catch them at drop off/pick up.

// That Graham is not sitting up unassisted yet and I know I shouldn't worry but it's making me worry. I keep seeing babies younger than he is sitting unassisted. I'm working with him daily on it. He is close, he can tripod sit but tends to just fall over.

// That I had a major freak out on my sweet husband when I came downstairs the other morning and there was no coffee. We're talking straight up crazy lady. It wasn't one of my finer moments and I'm glad I married a man who can look past that and take my apology when I realize just how crazy I was.

So there is my crazy for the week. Both my boys were up throughout the night last night and then up before 6 am...I'm in need of a coffee IV this morning. Have a great Thursday friends!


  1. I laughed that you lost it when there was no coffee. SO funny! I'm so sorry that your Mother's Day was less than stellar. :( I know how that feels. That's usually how my hubby is for holidays and birthdays.

  2. I'm with you with the whining/tantrums and smiling. Mila drives me up the wall some days, but she always, always makes me smile. Mother's Day is always pretty blah for me. Apparently it sneaks up on Tim every year and he never plans anything. Luckily, my sister is good like that and she always steps in and gets it done.

  3. I get myself all worried when I see other babies doing stuff that my girls haven't, but I have to tell myself it is ok. Example: my girls haven't walked yet. They stand and walk with our assistance and Sutton has taken a step or two, but they aren't walking yet and they are 16 1/2 months old. I worry and know that they are 15 months by their adjusted age, but I still worry. As long as they are walking by 18 months we will be ok. That is what our pediatrician says. I laughed at the coffee incident because I have done that before. Luckily, we have great husbands who overlook those things. Thanks for linking up!

  4. Coffee is a must for my husband so I feel your pain. E was slow to do anything on her own, so give it ime.

  5. I love following cookie decorators too!!! The videos are so cool!!! I wish I had those skills!!