Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Happy Thursday! I am so excited that Danielle and Lynn have decided to pick up this link-up. It's always so fun to read everyones confessions and I don't mind sharing my crazy!

I confess....

// That my boys left me for almost 5 days yesterday afternoon and I was already missing them the moment I walked into my house. 

// That although I had no reason to wake up early this morning I was up even earlier than normal...I guess that full night of uninterrupted sleep really did some good! 

// That I'm having a bad case of what I think is tendonitis in my right elbow and I can't straighten it much past 90 degrees. It hurts..bad. It also makes it so hard to do anything. I realized this morning as I was struggling to put dishes in the dishwasher that I'm like T-Rex...this whole mini arm thing is for the birds! I'm hoping with 4 days of rest from lifting a heavy toddler and baby/baby carseat that it will calm down and go back to normal. 

// That I binge watch Greys Anatomy every afternoon on Lifetime while my boys nap. I've seen every episode more than once and I. Just. Can't. Stop. My husband gets so annoyed when he walks in the door and it's on. He doesn't understand how I could keep watching a show that I've seen numerous times. 

// That I'm on a spending frenzy....I will go months and months without buying anything for myself and then all of a sudden its all "gimme everything I can get my hands on". Not really, but I do need to reel it in! 

// Jack gets totally freaked out when I talk to him through the baby monitor and sometimes if he won't lay down for nap or bedtime I will talk to him through it just to make him lay down..#meanmama

// That I often times have to rewind shows multiple times while watching because I am busy doing other things...{texting, playing on my phone, checking social media} know, the important things. ha! 

// That we are headed to a golf tournament this weekend with our best friends. I can't wait for a weekend with just adults! I'm so excited for the uninterrupted sleep and not having to tend to a single human under the age of 30. Although I'm definitely missing my babies so much and its not even been 24 hours! 

So there you go friends...a few of my confessions this week! I would love to hear what you've got going on and if you have anything fun to share. I am skipping my Friday Favorites this week but be sure to come back Monday for a full weekend re-cap of our trip! And as always..follow me on insta (@emilynbeaman) if you want to get a glimpse into what we are doing! 


  1. So glad you are linking up! Evie freaks out as well when I talk to her through the monitor. I also love Grey;s and my husband thinks I am nuts for watching it.

  2. Ouch! Your poor arm...hope it gets better ASAP! AND...have a fabulous adults weekend!

  3. Thank you for linking up with us!!! I missed my babies the moment I left them when I went to Israel. It was hard, but it is good for the soul and sleep. I need to be on a spending freeze. I want all the things. I think it is so funny to see the videos of the parents talking to their children through the monitors. I need to try that with my girls.

  4. Hope your arm gets better soon and have a great, fun-filled weekend!