Monday, May 9, 2016

Scenes from my Weekend- Golf Tournament Edition

Hey friends! I hope ya'll had a great weekend and a very happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there! I know I hit the jackpot with both my mom and my MIL.

If you read on Thursday I told ya'll that we were going to a golf tournament this past weekend. I know I say it over and over but my in-laws really are amazing. Every year Patrick and I go to charlotte for the Wells Fargo Golf Championship, and every year my in-laws graciously keep my boys (Only Jack up until this year). Some how our dates got crossed and they were headed to Myrtle Beach this past weekend for a conference my FIL attends. Instead of telling us no they couldn't keep the boys they simply said they would take them with them to Myrtle Beach. I know...awesome, right? The boys left Wednesday late afternoon and had the absolute best time!

We left for Charlotte on Thursday morning. I was so excited not only to have a weekend away, kid free, but also because our best friends were coming with us. We were staying with my parents which is always a good time.

Thursday we arrived mid afternoon and the guys immediately took off for the tournament. Kristi and I decided to head to the mall since we don't have a mall where we live. We all met back at my parents for dinner. We grilled out and had a great time.

Friday we got up and headed to the tournament. I always love going to this tournament not only because it's fun but my wedding reception was also held at this club and it always brings back such fun memories! The weather was so nice, it was a little chilly but I wasn't complaining. Some years it's brutally hot at this tournament. We posted up at the 7th hole and watched as the players came up to putt. We left the club and headed to Chuy's for a yummy mexican lunch. After we stuffed ourselves we headed back to the tournament and met up with my mom.

 There are some massive houses that back up to the hole we were sitting on. 

I went specifically for the lemonade

Friday night we went out to dinner with my Parents. It' so enjoyable going out to dinner and not having to worry about eating fast because the baby may cry, cutting someone else food, and generally letting your food get cold before you actually start eating.

Saturday we headed back to the tournament. We spent all morning out there, none of the top players were teeing off until the afternoon so we were able to find a good spot to post up at and watch the players come through the hole we were on. We again left for lunch and then headed back for the afternoon.

Saturday night my sister and her husband came over for dinner and to watch the Derby. We all put in $5 and drew horses for a little bet. I happened to draw the top 3 horses and won the pot of money! We had delicious steaks for dinner.

Sunday we got up and hit the road after breakfast. I was anxious to get back to my boys and spend Mother's Day with them!

 I swear he grew in the 4 days I didn't see him. He's becoming such a little chunk! 

Ended Mother's Day holding this sweet boys hand. No place I'd have rather been! 

It was such a fun weekend and so nice to rest and relax and recharge. The sleeping all night long was amazing!

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  1. How fun that your wedding reception was there! Makes is so special.

  2. Sounds like such a great weekend. Holy house...that is quite a house! So great of your in-laws taking the boys with them so you guys could have some fun!!

  3. Your inlaws are so sweet. Looks like the boys had just as much fun as you did. Glad you had some time away and enjoyed yourself.

  4. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Love golf tournaments!