Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What's Happening Wednesday- Trip To The Mountains

Hey Ya'll! Sorry for the radio silence over here the past several days! On Saturday I loaded up the boys and we headed west towards the NC Mountains! This was my first solo road trip with the boys and I was super nervous. I'm happy to report that they were both so good both there and back. I do think Graham said "mama' 567069546 times just on the way there, but at least he wasn't crying!

I think the hardest part about traveling with two small kids is the whole stopping for the bathroom thing. Luckily on our way there we stopped for lunch at Steak n Shake and we did the bathroom there and then didn't have to stop again.

We were going just north of Boone, I went to college at Appalachian State so I was so excited to be back in that area. I loved my time at App. The drive up was gorgeous, the leaves were changing and you just felt fall all around! We arrived mid-afternoon and just let the kids run around and play. We were visiting my best friend Lesley. We have been friends for 12 years. We met one summer working at Camp Hollymont and became instantly attached. She was going to school at App and I ended up transferring there from Alabama the winter after that summer we met. I wanted to get certified to teach in NC and App has an amazing teaching program. Lesley and I were roomies for the remainder of our time at App. We were in each others weddings and now we both have 2 kids. They are all stair steppers. But funny enough her 2 are almost exactly the same distance apart as my two (as in, they are both just days shy of being 2 years apart). She has two girls who are precious. Lily has red hair and we laughed the whole time thinking that all of our kids could be related just by their hair color!

The whole trip was so relaxing. We basically just hung out at her house the entire time with the exception of going to church (her husband is a minister) and going to the most picturesque pumpkin patch ever! The weather turned super chilly Monday and we didn't venture out that day except to run to the grocery store.

The boys and I headed home yesterday and they were absolutely perfect the entire ride! We had the best time visiting them and I love that now our kids are going to be life long friends!

Now for picture overload!

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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Coffee Talk

If we were sitting down with a cup of coffee these are the things that I would tell you are on my heart right now..

+ Jack is in the throughs of potty talk. He thinks all things poop and butt are hilarious. I think they are not. I try to discipline him but he just thinks its funny. Yesterday my girlfriend was bringing him home from lunch bunch with her twin girls who are in his class and he potty talked the whole way home she said, I was mortified! He got the iPad taken away... Everyone says that its the age and its boys. I'm still sick of it. I hope he stops soon. Mommin' aint easy y'all!

+ I am so behind on replying to blog comments. I love so much interacting with my followers and I have got to sit down and reply to all the comments. You'd think I would learn to reply as I read the comment. Something to work towards!

+ It has been so freaking hot this week. I'm talking in the 90s with intense humidity. It was cooler in August than it has been this week. I'm over it. I want to wear my fall clothes. My boys have nothing to wear right now. I need the fall temps to come and stay!

+ I have gotten in a terrible habit of writing my blog post the morning of. I was doing so well getting my posts written the night before or even a few days ahead. Lazy is what I call it. I need to get back into my routine. Nap time seems like the best time to do this!

+ Right now Brittany and Owen are getting me through my days! We have a group text going and man I'd be lost without them. It's amazing how you can never have met someone face to face yet feel so connected to them.

+ Trying to eat right and lose weight is a constant struggle. Why can't that be easy! Give me all the carbs and sweets, especially this time of year!

+ I am headed to the mountains this weekend with Jack and Graham to see my best friend. I hate driving on the highway and I'm slightly freaking out about doing this 4+ hour drive by myself with the boys. This will be our first road trip without Patrick. Thankfully they are both forward facing and can watch the DVD player, I'm thinking I'm going to pick up a new movie or two to surprise them!

+ I am a terrible housekeeper. My cleaning lady was here on Tuesday. My house was spotless. Some how today it looks like a bomb went off. I try to pick up daily. I blame it on two little boys who like to pull toys out everywhere. Also, my kitchen. Why does the kitchen become the landing spot for so much crap! I blame it on no mudroom. Le sigh.

So there you go. Some of my thoughts and confessions...and seriously, if you have any tips on helping me parent my potty talking boy pass them my way!!

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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Day In The Life

It's no secret I am super nosey! In fact, I like to say its one of my best qualities (ha!) Of course my favorite posts I read are day in the life posts. I love to see what everyone is up to and if anyone else has a day similar to mine. Usually I'm terrible about remembering to take photos throughout the day and by lunchtime I've already forgotten. So yesterday I decided to tape a reminder note to my phone and you know what, it worked! I successfully was able to get photos throughout the day!

This is a pretty standard day for us during the week.

6:36 am - I don't usually set an alarm but try to be up by 6:30 so that I can drink some coffee and wake up before Patrick leaves the house about 6:45. Jack is always up and downstairs by the time I wake up. This morning I was extra tired so when Patricks alarm randomly went off at 6:36 I shot out of bed with a startle!

6:45-7:30- I am downstairs drinking coffee, making sure my blog has posted, linking up, reading blogs and waking up. Jack is usually just chilling watching a show on the iPad and eating breakfast. I don't like the lights all bright that early in the morning so usually there is just a dim lit lamp on, I promise we weren't sitting in the dark ha!

7:30- I pour Grahams milk and grab a breakfast bar for him before I head upstairs to get him. This morning I started making my grocery list for the day. Before I go wake Graham I will throw on my clothes (usually workout clothes) and pick out their outfits for the day. Then I go wake sweet Graham up, he always greets me with a smile and "mama!"

7:30-8:30- We are all downstairs the boys are usually content watching a show, hanging out, eating breakfast. I'm still usually drinking my coffee and grab a bite to eat. By about 7:20 I start to get the boys dressed and ready for school.

8:40- A quick check to make sure bookbags are packed and we are out the door.

9-12- The boys are in school during this time so once I get the dropped off I am off to do all the things. Today I was going to a 9:45 barre class so I had just enough time to run home and do a quick straighten up of the kitchen and den. I threw a load of their laundry in and headed to barre. After barre I ran a few errands and went to the Neighborhood Walmart Market for groceries. I'm usually a Harris Teeter girl through and through but I'm finding that I don't mind the walmart market and it definitely is much cheaper!

12:00- I pick the boys up and we head home for lunch and to get ready for nap. Patrick beat us home today so he already had the boys lunch ready to go (win for me!) This time can usually be melt-down city for Graham. And just like most days he has a tantrum because I wouldn't let him eat my applesauce but instead gave him an applesauce pouch.

1-4 - The boys are napping and this is when if I have done all my chores for the day I take a little time to sit on the sofa and catch up on a show. I'd be lying if I didn't say the occasional nap may occur as well. About 2:15 today Jack was wide awake and ready to come downstairs. Most days he will sleep for 2-3 hours but today he was not having it. We snuggled up to watch a Mickey Halloween episode  and did some playing before I had to go wake Graham up at 4.

4:00- Once Graham is awake both boys will have a snack and we will play around the house. I am ready for it to get cooler out so that we can go outside and play. I can't stand the gnats in our neighbor so mama doesn't like to go outside right now ha!

5:00- We headed out the door to get Jack to his soccer game. Graham stayed home with our sitter. Jacks game was from 5:30-6:30 and after we went to grab a bite to eat with Patrick's dad.

8:00- We are home from soccer, Graham is in bed (he goes to bed at 7) and its time for Jack to have a quick bath and get in bed. He didn't even protest bedtime tonight so I know he was worn out from soccer!

8:30- Both boys are asleep and I sit down to work on this blog post and catch up with Patrick. We watch a show that we recorded Sunday night before going up to bed.

10:00- I head upstairs and get in bed and pray that both boys sleep all night, although I can guarantee that Jack will be up and in our bed at some point during the night!

So other than the soccer game that is a pretty standard day in the life for us! Usually we cook dinner at home and the boys go wild from the hours of 5-7!

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