Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites

So glad it's finally Friday! I cannot believe that Jack's last week of school is next week. We are going to miss his teachers so much. They are the best and Jack absolutely adores them, he even says their names during prayers nightly. 

 Lets get right to my favorites from the week...

// This picture showed up in my time hop app yesterday and it seriously makes me laugh every time I see it. My first year of teaching I met Patrick. One morning I walked into my second grade classroom and found this drawing of Patrick on my desk from one of my precious students. It was amazing. So amazing infact that our friends printed it on huggers for our engagement party. I can't believe that the sweet boy who drew this is now a teenager!

// I have been working on end of school year gifts for Jacks friends. He goes to both the M/W class and the T/Th class. I am in charge of the T/Th class party and got these cute sand buckets and had their names put on them, I filled them with bubble,  play dough, and these awesome Icee- Pop huggers. I mean seriously...such a genius idea! For the M/W class he is giving them an icee pop with the hugger.

// I have really been working with Graham on trying to sit up. He's slowly making progress each day. I turned my head this morning and when I looked back saw Jack trying to help him. It was darling.

// Earlier this week my nephew came over for lunch. He is 5 and Jack adores him. They played outside in the yard and had the best time.

// I made this easy white chicken enchilada bake earlier this week. I was too hungry to take a picture before we dug in but it was really good. Patrick said it would also make a great dip if you left the chips out and used them to dip instead.

// My in-laws bought Jack a new swing to put up at our house and Jack couldn't wait to try it out. This makes me laugh so much!

// I can't get over how big Graham is getting. It really put it into perspective when I asked Jack if he wanted to hold him the other day.

// This is how our evenings end most nights lately. By this point Graham has spit up on no less than 5 bibs, 20 burp clothes and 4 outfits and i'm over it so he just goes in a diaper...and therefore Jack thinks it's time for him to go without clothes on to..and I don't even care! I'm just counting down until bedtime.

We are having some friends over tonight and I'm praying the weather decides to turn nice and the boys can play outside and we can enjoy the porch. Saturday we are headed to my high school besties baby's first birthday party. Hope you have a fabulous weekend! Be sure to check out my insta (@emilynbeaman) or my Snaps (@ebeaman26) for fun weekend pictures! Have a great Friday friends!

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  1. OMG that drawing is the best! I have a drawing from a past student that just makes me laugh. We were reading The BFG as a read aloud and I had an activity for the students to draw a picture inside a jar I'd printed on a paper and write what their dream was about, etc. Well, one student decided to make hers as similar to the book as possible and it was just a colorful blob with a really great explanation. For a second grader I was so impressed, but the blog totally looked like a penis and balls. I still have it in my teaching stuff and laugh whenever I need to. Ha ha! There was no way I could send that home to her parents. Emmy goes through a lot of outfits, etc daily too. These kids!

  2. Oh my word, ice pop huggers are seriously genius! My kids hate those things because they never want to touch them... I'm going to have to find some of these!