Wednesday, October 18, 2017

What's Happening Wednesday- Trip To The Mountains

Hey Ya'll! Sorry for the radio silence over here the past several days! On Saturday I loaded up the boys and we headed west towards the NC Mountains! This was my first solo road trip with the boys and I was super nervous. I'm happy to report that they were both so good both there and back. I do think Graham said "mama' 567069546 times just on the way there, but at least he wasn't crying!

I think the hardest part about traveling with two small kids is the whole stopping for the bathroom thing. Luckily on our way there we stopped for lunch at Steak n Shake and we did the bathroom there and then didn't have to stop again.

We were going just north of Boone, I went to college at Appalachian State so I was so excited to be back in that area. I loved my time at App. The drive up was gorgeous, the leaves were changing and you just felt fall all around! We arrived mid-afternoon and just let the kids run around and play. We were visiting my best friend Lesley. We have been friends for 12 years. We met one summer working at Camp Hollymont and became instantly attached. She was going to school at App and I ended up transferring there from Alabama the winter after that summer we met. I wanted to get certified to teach in NC and App has an amazing teaching program. Lesley and I were roomies for the remainder of our time at App. We were in each others weddings and now we both have 2 kids. They are all stair steppers. But funny enough her 2 are almost exactly the same distance apart as my two (as in, they are both just days shy of being 2 years apart). She has two girls who are precious. Lily has red hair and we laughed the whole time thinking that all of our kids could be related just by their hair color!

The whole trip was so relaxing. We basically just hung out at her house the entire time with the exception of going to church (her husband is a minister) and going to the most picturesque pumpkin patch ever! The weather turned super chilly Monday and we didn't venture out that day except to run to the grocery store.

The boys and I headed home yesterday and they were absolutely perfect the entire ride! We had the best time visiting them and I love that now our kids are going to be life long friends!

Now for picture overload!

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  1. Such a fun trip and I LOVE those views from her house! Gorgeous!

  2. What a fun trip! And that was such a picturesque place! I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I lived there!

  3. The bathroom thing is so real! The first solo trip I did with the boys H was about 2 months old and G was not even 2. I drove from DC to Raleigh and it was totally fine except the bathroom!! I had to wear H and try to keep G from touching everything--not to mention I had to wake them up to do it!! It was a nightmare. I fly solo with them a lot too, and I'm so glad they are old enough to sit alone now while I take the other one to the bathroom b/c trying to fit all three in there was awful! Glad it went well and I hope you all have lots more fun and easy trips. :)

  4. So much red hair!!!! Y'all look great!!! Looks like such a fun trip!!

  5. What a sweet trip and so special to have such a lifelong friend! You guys both make some cute babies!!

  6. Love our mountains!! And I love that you & your bestie got to hang out with all your kiddos!


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