Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Toddler Talk: Meal Time

Hey ya'll! Happy Tuesday, yesterday was the Monday-est Monday ever. We all are fighting some sort of crud, I woke up with no voice and my head progressively started pounding more and more. Hoping that we all wake up feeling better! 

I'm going to get real with you for a minute, here is a mom confession I have. I am terrible when it comes to mealtimes. Giving advice on getting a baby to nap, I got. Helping you through cry it out, I can do it all day every day. But get my child to eat a bite of rice and all hell breaks loose! 

Jack was an amazing eater up until about 18 months. When he realized that he could say no and push things off his plate is when it took a turn for the worse. Pretty much since then he has survived on few things. Yogurt, Cheese, Peanut Butter, waffles, mac n cheese, pancakes, and of course junk food (gummies etc.) However as of late, literally he wants to eat nothing but a waffle taco (PB on a waffle folded in half), or a PB sandwich. He literally will eat this 3 times a day if I let him. The only meat I can get him to eat is Mcdonalds nuggets, he used to love CFA but I can't even get him to eat that now. It's beyond frustrating!! 

Thank goodness for Graham, who will eat anything. He eats what we eat for supper 99% of the time. Last night we had a knock down drag out over a bite of rice. And that is when I realized we have a major issue on our hands. All we wanted him to do was to take one small bite of rice, and then he could have whatever else he wanted for supper. He. Would. Not. Do. It. He sat in the chair at the table for 45 minutes screaming his head off because he refused to do it.  We have told him that when he turns 4 (Nov 5th) that he is going to be eating what we eat for dinner. 

So I'm coming to you asking for help! Did any of your kids go through this? What tips and tricks do you have for me? He literally didn't eat dinner last night because of this. He is already so skinny that I hate for him to miss a meal but it's getting totally out of hand and it needs to be nipped and quickly! 

If you are going through this same thing with your toddlers right now, bless you. I feel your pain!! 

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  1. I have zero advice because you know Walker eats like a bird like Jack and Knox eats anything and everything like Graham. Just know you’re a great mama and are doing a great job! (And I don’t know if it’s true, but my pediatrician always says, “They’ll eat when they’re hungry!”) 🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Can we just hug right now Emily?! I have one child, the oldest, who eats ANYTHING and the other child, my Emily, who eats virtually nothing. She is nearly 7... and she still doesn't eat meat. We went through the frustration you are feeling around the same age and the pediatrician wanted me to cut her off completely if she didn't eat what I served her, but that made everyone in my house miserable and we just couldn't do it.

    To end a long story. I was super picky, Russ was super picky, we both eat very well now days. We just decided we'd take it as it came and trust God that slowly she'll outgrow it and oh so slowly she is... We just keep challenging her to try new foods without being too harsh. I am not promoting "fluffy" parenting here either, lololol. It feels like I am when I say this, we have just chosen to "pick our battles".

    If you ever need to vent, I am your girl. Because I totally get it.

  3. We are right there with you. At school, my girls eat everything now. When they first started this daycare, they would only eat the entree, not the veggie or fruit. But they learned they can't have more unless they eat their fruits and veggies. They now eat them every single day and eat their snacks which are always fruit and veggies unless it is a special day like a birthday. At home, they still give us grief. We used to just feed them pb&j, mac n cheese, chicken, waffles, pb and bread, etc. But they always wanted to eat off of our plates. I have been having them eat what we are eating and sometimes it is ok and other times nope. Last night I made carne asada tacos with guac, salsa and grilled onions. Avery ate very well, but Sutton only ate the chips and salsa and guac and some cheese. She hated the meat and she loves meat. I just gave up after awhile. The night before we had spaghetti and again Avery ate very well. We had to keep asking Sutton to take 3 bites and then she could be done. It is a hard process. Sorry for the novel, but I am right there with you friend.

  4. OMG we are right there with you!!!! Olivia has pretty much the same diet right now. She would eat peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, and chicken nuggets every single meal if I would let her. It's terrible. I've tried everything and nothing works. My rule is this, though. You eat whatever Momma cooks. If you don't eat what I cook, then you don't eat. We do, of course, always make sure to make stuff that they love and we always have fruit on the side in case they won't touch anything else, but jeez, it's hard. And my kids know that if they eat their dinners well then they can have a small treat (usually a popsicle) after dinner, so most of the time they will power through and eat enough to get them through it. I'm hoping that will mean that eventually they will learn to like those things.

  5. No advice for you but I have to laugh that he had a tantrum over a bite of rice hahaha #kids

  6. THIS IS MY LIFE. Spencer was the world's best eater until he turned two. Now, it's pretty much chicken nuggets, scrambled eggs, waffles, or blackberries. I don't do that all the time though because I know he has to eat other stuff. Our daycare teacher told us to trust that he WILL eat the food if he's hungry enough, so I'm sticking with that!

  7. Connor will not eat a veggie to save his life. Will not. And guess what? I don't care that he doesn't. He eats plenty of other things. I'm with Beth. Pick your battles. Give him what he will eat and plenty of it. I do give CJ one new food a week. Sometimes he does well and other times it's a shit show. But I will not let him go hungry and I refuse to fight over food. I was a picky eater and I outgrew it. He will too. He may be in college but that's okay. There is no reason at all for you to stress him out or yourself. Pick your battles friend :)


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