Thursday, September 7, 2017

Coffee Talk + Mug Love Exchange Announcement

If we were sitting down with a cup of coffee these are the things that I'd share that are on my heart.

// My house is filled with flowers right now. While I absolutely hate the circumstances behind them, I love the flowers. It brings a little joy to an otherwise sad time.

// As a spin off from the one above, I now have 2 house plants! I've never had a house plant, and while I am horrible at keeping things alive (other than my children) I am excited about these plants. For some reason I feel so grown up now ha!

// I am so glad that the boys are back in school. Summer was great, but I love the routine and all things fall.

// I have not decorated for fall yet, normally by the first weekend in September I'm completely decked out. My plan is to do it Friday while the boys are gone in the morning. It's time to kiss summer good-bye and bring in all the pumpkins!!

// My mom spent the past week with us and it was wonderful. There is something about having your mom around during tough times that makes things better. She knew exactly what we needed when we needed it, she helped me organize some areas in my house that needed attention, and most of all she played and played with the boys. They love their Mimi or Nini as Graham says!

// Lastly, a funny little quirk about me. I have a weird obsession with watching cookie and cake decorating on instagram. I get hooked on watching these videos. I am fascinated by it and can't even begin to imagine the skill you have to have..Please tell me I'm not alone!

Now, on to the fun mug exchange I'm helping host! Do you love drinking coffee? Or do you just love a good coffee mug? Then this is for you! I am teaming up with several of my blogger buddies to host this mug love exchange. 

The Details: 
  • Sign-ups open September 4th and close September 12th
  • Complete THIS FORM to join the exchange.
  • Partners will be picked and notified by September 15th
  • Link-up and share mug details on September 28th.
  • THE STARBUCKS GIVEAWAY IS FOR $50 and goes live on September 28th when we share our partners/mugs. 
  • Hashtag for this exchange is: #MugLoveExchange
I participated in this exchange last year and it was so fun to get a treat in the mail just for me! I can't wait to see what mugs everyone gets this year. May all your PSL dreams come true! 

*linking up with Annie and Danielle


  1. I'm with you: so glad school is back. It's amazing how much more productive I am with just one child in school for five hours twice a week. And I did laugh at your comment "except for my children." ;) I am that way, too, with plants. I can't keep them alive!

  2. I totally just got my first house plant, too! My grandmother gave me a clipping from her almost 60 year old plant and I've kept it alive for like two months now. Woo hoo! Definitely patting myself on the back for that one.

  3. I have a Christmas cactus that is a cutting from a huge one my mom has. It's easy to care for, which I need inside because somehow I do great with my outdoor ones, but forget the indoor. Oops!

  4. I will watch handwriting videos for hours. So therapeutic for me!

  5. Omg I have been watching cake decorating videos so much lately! Garrett wants to try to make Vivi's first birthday cake... I'm not so sure about it though haha. I cannot wait for pumpkins and mums and PSL's!

  6. I am so excited about the giveaway. I totally watch cake and cookie decorating. My friend is a baker and posts the videos where she frosts a cake but it is a fast video. I love those.


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