Wednesday, September 13, 2017

What's Up Wednesday- What's In My Bag

Ya'll know how nosey I am so today I am giving you a glimpse inside my bag. However, my purse has become super boring lately since I don't have to carry all the baby things (all the praise hands!) So I'm giving you a glimpse inside another bag. I like to cal this my "go bag" I keep it inside my car so that anytime I'm out and need something I have it, but I don't have to carry it inside with me wherever I go.

#1 - I picked up this first aid kit from Target. In it I have a small first aid kit, tylenol, wet wipes, deodorant, eye drops, chap stick, neosporine, bandaids, anti itch cream.

#2. I don't carry diapers or wipes in my purse regularly anymore, often times we aren't going anywhere long enough for me to need them, but if we are I will grab this changing pad and throw it in my bag, It holds a thing of wipes and a diaper folded inside. It's so easy to grab and go.

 #3- I love these Stella & Dot puffs. I keep this for me in the bag. Random things that I may need.

 #4. I always have a change of clothes in my bag. I have spare underpants for Jack along with socks, and a full change of clothes. I also have an outfit for Graham.

 #5 & 6 - Diaper, wipes (flushable for Jack), and those bags to dispose dirty diapers in.

I love that I don't have to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my purse anymore but this bag makes it so nice to know that I have everything I need at my fingertips! Moms of kids that aren't baby babies do you still carry a diaper bag or something like this?

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  1. Ohhhh this is helpful. I've been thinking about eliminating my diaper bag. How do you do entertainment at a restaurant?

  2. Yes! I carry a back pack with water bottles, first aid, restaurant entertainment (trucks, cars, notebook, and crayons) and wet ones. I feel so free! ;)

  3. Girl, you are SO organized! I love the use of all the different pouches! I do the same thing!

  4. I love that bag! So cute! And yes! I always keep an extra change of clothes (and undies) with me at all times, too. These boys are so messy...and of course, accidents happen!

  5. I was never a diaper bag person. Once the kids hit about 6 months I was back in a purse and had a bag like this in the car. Our personalities are so the same with organization!!!

  6. I need to hang out with you because inevitably the one band aid I carry around is used or doesn't stick ;). I love that first aid kit and I am so nosey so I love this kind of stuff. I refer to myself as a curious person LOL! xoxo ERIN

  7. I love these posts! I swear I feel like I'm lugging 500 bags around anytime we go anywhere. And I basically use the diaper bag as my purse these days, womp womp


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