Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thoughts For Thursday

Hey friends! What a week it's been! Nothing bad, just seems like Monday was forever ago and it's not even Friday yet.

Here are some thoughts/confessions that I have going on...

{one} Yesterday I noticed that we had some ants near our kitchen sink...well as the day progressed a few turned into a lot, and they just kept getting worse!! Patrick set out some Tera and I hope that kills them quickly! I hate an ant, they are such a nuisance and since we have dark countertops it freaks me out not being able to see them. Luckily most are contained to the window sill above the sink. But I would be lying if I didn't say I felt like I had ants crawling on me all night.

{two} I am seriously traumatized from the stomach bug. I thought that it was gone for good.But sure enough a friends daughter came down with it Tuesday night and I found out several in the preschool had it. No one from either of my boys classes but the opposite days class had several. I'm freaking out! I' have never been a germaphobe before but seriously since it wiped our family out I get major anxiety any time I hear someone mention it.

{three} Graham is Trolls OB-sessed. Like wants to watch it/listen to it 24/7. It's a really cute movie and I love the music but I am so over it. But sometimes its just not worth the pain of listening to him whine and cry and so I just put it on.

(four} speaking of Graham, he has definitely been the harder of my two babies. He has been a whiner for as long as I can remember. I am sure it is payback because I'm told I was a whiner myself. Some days are worse than others, but I find myself losing my cool on the days where he does it non stop! And of course then I feel so guilty because he's just a baby. Please tell me I'm not alone in feeling like this!

{five} My parents are coming today (yay!) and we are going to On the Square for dinner which is my favorite nice restaurant around here!

{six} I am participating in a fun Easter Basket blog hop with some of my favorite bloggers next week! If you are planning on sharing your kids Easter Baskets I hope you will link up with us, you can also share them on instagram using the #easterbasket2017

{seven} I tried to get rid of Jack's paci this week and I lasted an entire THIRTY minutes before giving it back. Y'all...I'm pathetic! I bought this awesome Paw Patrol toy that I knew he would love, he was so excited about it. I told him he couldn't open it until he had been without his Pa for 2 days. He gave them right to me and went down for nap, and then proceeded to scream and cry. I was told to cut the tip off of one and I did that and took it to him, he was pissed. I let him have that and he continued to scream and cry and finally after 30 minutes I went and gave him his other pa. He went right to bed. But he keeps asking for the toy, it's sitting on top of our mantle just staring at him. He knows he can't have it until he gives up the pa but he doesn't seem to want to do it. Any suggestions? I'm thinking I just need to leave for a weekend and let Patrick handle it hahah

I hope you all have a great Thursday! 

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  1. Oh girl I hear you about the whining. I swear it's just built into Emmy's DNA. Ha ha! When I think back Cam did the same thing at Emmy's age and although it was awful I think it's short lived. But goodness is it annoying. I wish I had suggestions about the paci, but neither of my kids would take one. I've heard cutting the tip off too, but that didn't seem to work for him. Hmmm. I'll ask a friend who had to take her daughter's away.

  2. Girl, I'm SO traumatized by the bug we all November. It's awful and seriously the worst thing. I'm with you on the whining. Walker does it (while Knox does a purposeful high-pitched scream) and sometimes I feel like I just want to cry. You're a great mama (and friend!)!

  3. My cousin is the owner of On The Square (I think we may have already talked about that?!). I'm sooo jealous y'all are going! And yes I totally agree about the stomach bug. My sisters kids had it and I was terrified it was going to hit our house next!

  4. So we STILL haven't seen trolls yet! I can't even believe I am typing that. We are clearly missing out. That is the BEST stuff for ants. Give it a few more day and I bet they will be gone!

  5. I just picked up Trolls for my girls they have not seen it but I have heard nothing but good things about it. We have been on a Beauty and the Beast or Belle as my older one likes to call it kick.

    PS your kids and my kids are roughly the same age my older one will be 3 next month and my little one is 5 months.

  6. Major PTSD following the stomach bug. Three crucial words: wash your hands. Hand sanitizer does NOTHING to kill the virus that causes GI illness. I think a lot of people but false faith into Purell/Lysol wipes. I'm not saying they aren't great for killing other bacteria/viruses and for situations when soap and water is not readily available. But soap and warm water x 20 seconds is ALWAYS the BEST method for preventing the spread of germs. Hope you guys dodge it this time around!

  7. I'm terrified of the stomach bug too! Simon gave up his pacifier by accident. A babysitter put him to bed without it and he slept fine! He was probably older than Jack though and I know we had a harder time with Gabbie!

  8. Ugh, the paci situation. Olivia just turned three and she STILL gets hers at night when she sleeps. We really need to break the habit, but I'm dreading it. And she is OBSESSED with it so it's going to be really hard. Unfortunately I have no good advice, because getting rid of the paci with Jacob was horrible and didn't work well, so I have no clue what we're going to do with Olivia.

  9. I'm the same way with ants--if I see them, I feel like they're on me!

  10. I also have a whiner and he's been like that since day one. I feel ya on getting frustrated. It's really hard not to when you hear it all day long. Someday are better than others, but the days that are rough are really rough.

  11. Oh we have a lot of the whining going on and it is awful. And we are so scared to take the pacis away from the girls too. They never use it at daycare...only at home. I just wish it would be easy, but I fear it. Let me know if you do have some success with it. Ugh ants are the worst. I hope that problem gets treated soon.

  12. Connor was really hard to break from his paci then one day he was done with it and it was such a simple transition. He will give it up when he is ready.