Monday, April 3, 2017

Disney World Days 5 & 6

Hope ya'll had a great weekend! Our's was a lot of fun. Jack spent the night Friday night with his nana and grandaddy and cousin (they took the boys to see the cat in the hat that the local act for youth program put on). I took Graham to a birthday party Saturday morning and the rest of the weekend we hung out with friends and laid low.

Our last day at Disney was spent at the Magic Kingdom. We had breakfast reservations at Be Our Guest so we were able to get in the park before it opened. We decided to take full advantage of this and had the photographer take a million pictures infant of the castle before anyone was around it. I had matching shirts made for all the kids so this was a perfect time to get their pictures taken.

We then headed to Beasts Castle for breakfast. This was such a fun expereince. We sat in the room with the rose, it was really dark and the atmosphere was "stormy" so it was loud. The breakfast was delish though!

After breakfast the park was about to open and we knew it would be a mad rush to all the rides so my sister and I took full advantage of being able to walk right on to Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. As soon as we got off the wait was already 60+ minutes!

We rode some rides and then decided to get a snack at Gastons Tavern, we heard they cinnamon rolls were awesome. It was a nice break in-between rides. After we finished out our fast passes we decided to head back to the resort for the afternoon. We had early dinner reservations and by this point we had ridden everything we wanted to and were all pretty tired.

We grabbed a quick lunch by the pool and then Jack and I decided that we were going to go hang out in our room and rest and the rest of the crew went to the pool. I got us packed up and actually laid down for the first time all week. Jack also fell off the bed some how and ended up with this awful rug burn, thankfully it was nothing worse

We had dinner at O'hana that evening, which is the restaurant at the hotel. It was so very good! After dinner we hung out on the lawn by the pool. They were setting up a movie to be played when it got dark. We know that we had an early morning ahead and everyone wanted to finish packing and get to bed so back to our rooms we went.

Thursday morning the Magical Express picked us up bright and early at 7:20 and we headed to the airport and all went out separate ways. (Well Jack and I did..the rest flew back to Charlotte together).

Jack and I were exhausted, he fell asleep before the plane even took off and I wasn't far behind. We slept the whole way and landed in Raleigh a little after lunch time.

We really had the absolute best time! I was beyond exhausted when I got home and don't think I even could hardly put a sentence together. A good nights sleep and I was back in business doing the mom thing.

Tomorrow is my final post where I'm going to share all my tips and tricks. Our favorite meals, rides, things that we didn't like. If there is anything specific you want to know just leave me a comment!

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  1. I love the matching shirts! So adorable. Looks like such an amazing time. I'm excited for your tips and tricks.

  2. The matching shirts are precious! It all looks like such a fabulous, fun time!

  3. What an amazing idea to have those early reservations like that. I will totally keep that in mind for when we go back. Love the photos and those shirts too!

  4. Those matching shirts are absolutely precious! We are planning to go to Disney in September. Your pictures are getting me so excited! Looking forward to reading your tips for the trip!!

  5. Those are such great castle pictures! I loved the Mine Train - so cool that you walked on! We should have done it first thing when we were there, but instead we walked on to Little Mermaid and the Barnstormer!

  6. I can't wait to go back to Disney, and you look like you had the BEST trip!

  7. Sounds like Disney was a happy place for y'all! Heading to DW on April 28th with my two daughters and their families. Grandchildren ages 3 and 17 mos. POLY is our resort. We've stayed there before and loved it. I'm from Kenly and enjoy your blog!

  8. What a wonderful trip. And how fun that your son got to enjoy it with his cousins! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road