Thursday, February 15, 2018

Life Lately

Hey friends, I hope you had a great Valentine's Day! The boys each had a party at school, and came home hopped up on sugar. They then continued that binge until bedtime. Patrick and I cooked a steak and baked potato and actually got to eat in in peace. The boys sat and watched a movie and not one of them got up to ask us for something the entire was a Christmas miracle!

Today I'm bringing a photo dump of life lately! I haven't done one of these in awhile and while our life has been pretty routine we've had some fun things going on.

We celebrated Valentine's Day a little early with a cookie decorating play date.

Patrick and I went to watch the NC State/UNC game.

We spent all day in our jammies on Sunday. It was rainy and gross, so we skipped church and the boys changed out of one pair of jammies into another to go to bed!

Patrick and Jack woke up with the exact same hairstyle. They are twins through and through. Their hair is stick straight and sticks out each morning. I had to get a picture because it made me laugh so much.

 Jack got silly with his Valentine's treats for friends.

We made a Valentine's Snack for our favorite teachers.

The boys celebrated Valentine's Day with cute outfits and sweetness

I got this sweet picture from Graham's teacher!

 Graham and I had a lunch date yesterday while brother was at lunch bunch!

and that's some life lately for you!

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  1. That bedhead pictures cracks me up - they are definitely twins!

  2. Oh my word, that picture of Graham his teacher sent you is PRECIOUS! And I can only imagine what Patrick was saying to you when you were wanting to take that bed head picture -- ha! (Although it's absolutely adorable and I seriously hope that makes it into Jack's wedding slideshow one day!) Happy Thursday, friend!

  3. Oh my gosh, that bedhead twinning picture is so funny! Their hair really is identical!

  4. Definitely need to frame the twin hair pic!! Haha

  5. Loving the photo dump. I have to ask...since you are a big NC State fan. Were you guys (and your team/college) sad when the Martin twins left and came to Nevada (the other Wolf Pack)? They have played soooo well for us and I think of you every time we watch a game.

  6. Gahhh those sweet boys holding hands, heart eyes!!!! I love them!

  7. Baha ha! So does the hubbies baby photos look like Jack's?! Photo dumps are always fun posts.


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