Monday, April 25, 2016

Scenes from my weekend

Happy Monday! I hope that you had a great weekend. Of course they always go too fast! Our weekend consisted of a lot of family favorite!

Friday night we dropped the boys at my in-laws and went to dinner with some friends. It was fun to catch up and have some adult time!

Saturday was definitely family day. Jack is into anything that has wheels. Trucks, tractors, bus, firetruck, basically your typical toddler boy! We drove out to one of our friends farms to look at the animals and all their equipment. Jack was in heaven. I stayed in the car with Graham and Patrick followed him from one tractor to the next. He got in every single one and knew right where the key was. It was Jacks perfect outing! After a quick lunch stop we came home and everyone took great afternoon naps!

Saturday night I had plans for us to grill out and spend the majority of the afternoon/evening outside. Too bad the weather had other plans. Right as I was getting home from the grocery the bottom fell out and it started storming. It did end up clearing enough so that we could Grill but our outside plans didn't happen. Both boys went to bed early. At about 8:30 I looked over to Patrick as we were both just sitting there watching tv and suggested that we go up to bed. We were in bed with the lights out about 9:15. My how Saturday nights have changed in our house! {not really...I've always been one to go to bed early!}

Sunday we spent most of the day outside. Jack would be outside sun up to sun down these days so after I put Graham down for nap the rest of us headed out to the backyard. I posted up on the porch with my coffee and some TV and Jack helped Patrick put together a new water table.

We met my in-laws for some BBQ for lunch and then home for naps. After nap Jack and I ran to get a car wash and to the grocery store. Its so rare that I get just one on one time with him and I love when it happens. A quick stop through starbucks on the way home with coffee and a cake pop and this was one happy boy! Of course this followed up with some more outside time before dinner!

I made this cheeseburger casserole for dinner. It was really yummy and made a ton. Perfect for a crowd or leftovers for the week. It was easy to throw together.

It was a great low key weekend, the weather was perfect other than the storm Saturday night. Here's to a new week which is shaping out to be quite busy!

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  1. Yay for lots of outdoor time! And yay for a water table! We have been contemplating getting one for our babes and I think we may have to take the plunge and get one. Olivia loves water so I know that she would have a blast!

  2. Your day on the farm sounds like it was so fun for him!

  3. Love that photo of you with the monogrammed cozy and matching sneakers. Glad you got a moment to kick up your feet this weekend

  4. Aww!! What a great weekend! Gotta love a weekend full of family time. And visiting all of the farm vehicles would be right up Cam's alley. :)

  5. Sounds like a good weekend. I love going to bed early now. No shame in that.