Monday, April 4, 2016

Scenes from my Weekend

Happy Monday! Is it me or is Monday always extra hard to wake up for? This weekend was we honestly did not do much of anything. It was spent at home. Sometimes these are my favorite weekends.  I am working really hard on getting Graham on a good sleep schedule and I didn't want to venture too far from home so that I could keep him on his schedule and napping in his crib. I plan on doing a specific post on this in the near future for all you new mamas wanting to get your babe sleeping! 
apparently he decided he wanted to start holding his bottle. Stop growing up!

Friday Jack went to school and I spent the morning working around the house. My mom and sister were coming Sunday and I needed to get everything organized and ready for house guests. Is it me or do you feel like you run around like a chicken with its head cut off whenever you hear the word "houseguest"....Of course with 2 small children my house is never in immaculate condition. There are always toys thrown everywhere and about 5 million burp clothes placed strategically around the house so to always be at arms reach. #spitupbabyproblems. 

Friday night we had some friends over for pizza. The kids had fun playing with each other. Jacks new thing is to stand on the hearth of the fireplace and sing sings. Its like his own mini stage. 

Saturday was spent at home. I'm pretty sure Patrick didn't get out of his soft clothes at all. I left the house to go to the Grocery store. Which took me two tries. I took Jack with me Saturday morning. We were going to make one stop and then head to the Teeter. Well, after our first stop it started to pour so I decided to turn around and go home. Which meant I had to go back out again during nap and get to the store. Of course it immediately stopped raining when we got home. 

We didn't do anything Saturday night but catch up on the latest episode of the O.J. Simpson Trial. We are so into this show. I'm going to be a little sad when it's over next week. 

Sunday my mom, sister, two nieces, and nephew came to visit. Jack had been looking forward to this all weekend. The weather was so nice so they played outside most of the day. 

Driving Jacks truck around was so fun for them! 

After supper I promised the girls we could play Pie Face. They were so excited! Jack and Andrew weren't too shire about the game. Jack took one look at it, put his face through the hole and said "no mama!" Of course the little girls just wanted to get pied so they would just turn the knob until they 
got hit. 

Over all a pretty boring weekend! We have a busy week coming up so I definitely wasn't complaining about a weekend spent at home. Sometimes those are the best weekends to have. 

I hope you had a great weekend! I'm working on a fun new post this week where I'm going to share some of my favorite beauty products. 

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  1. Sounds like a pretty fun weekend! And having family come over is the best. I can't wait for your post on baby sleeping. I am always pinning and bookmarking these if we have another child.