Friday, December 15, 2017

Five On Friday

Happy Friday! I can't believe this time next weekend we will be getting our Christmas weekend started. We are actually starting this weekend with a visit from Patricks Aunt Patsy and her family to exchange gifts and get together!  I am really loving this time of year and trying to enjoy every second of it no matter how chaotic it is.

O N E | Family Baking day...I mentioned in an earlier post that for as long as I've been in my husbands family we have done a family baking day during the holidays. I wasn't sure if we would do it this year since we don't have Donna here anymore but my FIL was wonderful and organized it and on Wednesday night we all got together and baked Tea Cakes and fudge. It was organized chaos as always but seeing everyone together warmed my heart. Although there was a major void without Donna I am certain she was there in spirit and watching over the entire thing. Probably laughing about the burnt chocolate peanut candy that happened. I am truly living in a mans world over here!

T W O | The Grinch...One of our local dance studios puts on "The Grinch" every Christmas and last night I took Jack for the first time. I love this show, they do a great job and it's full of laughs and the dancing the girls do is amazing. Jacks sweet little friend Carleigh was a 'Who" this year and he loved seeing her. In fact every time she wasn't on stage he asked where she was. These 3 have been friends since practically birth and have such a love for each other.

T H R E E | Graham...Sweet Grahammy gets his own favorite for this week. We had a rare lunch date earlier this week while Jack was at lunch bunch. He also has benefiting from some hand me downs from Jack, I loved this hat and he was so cute wearing it I didn't even care that it said Jack on it.

F O U R | The Tree at my In-laws... This tree is beautiful and I am so impressed that my FIL put it up all on his own this year. But my favorite part are the ornaments. Every single one of these ornaments was either hand made or has a story behind it. And the best part of all, last year I happened to be over there when my MIL was putting up the tree and helped her decorate and with every ornament she pulled out she could tell me who gave it to her or the meaning behind it. Funny how this time last year we had no idea what would happen just a mere 6 months later. I am more thankful than ever that I was able to hear all about those ornaments last year. Just thinking about that moment brings me to tears now. I loved seeing Graham cozied up to the tree admiring all the ornaments the other day.

F I V  E | Did you catch my Christmas Decor Home Tour I shared yesterday? Be sure to check out all the Holiday cheer we have going on in our house!

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  1. I love your in-law's Christmas tree and what a sweet and special memory you have of your mother-in-law from last year. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Love that y'all did the family baking day this week and I'm so sure Donna was smiling down! So sweet! And so beyond thankful that Donna shared all the ornament information with you to pass down to your boys.

  3. I love that you guys are continuing on such sweet traditions. And I love that you had that special time with Donna at Christmas last year decorating the tree.

  4. I'm sure this holiday season will be bittersweet but extra special after such a great loss inyour family. The baking day sounds like so much fun!

  5. I love that you still baked cookies. I am proud of you for continuing that tradition even when it's one that's a bit hard right now. Over time it will be more bittersweet. Donna is watching over you all, loving you guys from afar.

  6. Your in-laws tree is beautiful and how special that you have that memory with Donna last year <3 I know you guys are missing her so much but what a precious guardian angel you have

  7. Family baking day sounds SO much better than baking alone... which is what I always do. Your FIL sounds like an amazing man.

  8. Your in-laws tree is gorgeous! I love how their is a story behind every ornament. What a special memory you have of your MIL. I'm sure she is watching and smiling over you all.


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