Thursday, March 16, 2017

Remembering The Little Things

I always love hearing the funny things that come out of Jack's mouth. Lately it seems like he is turning into such a boy and a lot less toddler. I have made a point to write down all the things that I love that he says because I want to remember them always! Graham is just starting to say real words so I've tried to document those things too!

My favorite things Jack has said lately....

// "I want to see Mrs. Kim and her Daddy Mrs. Kevin" Jack loves our next door neighbors and I laugh every time he calls Kim's husband her daddy.

// "Yay good job mom! I'm so proud of you" positive reinforcement obviously stuck with him after potty training haha

// "Sleep mommy bed" I'm afraid to admit that Jack still wakes up nightly and wants in our bed and this phrase is what I hear 99% of the time when I go in there.

// "Lub you mommy!"

// "That's a great idea!" this has to be one of my favorites. I don't know where he heard it but he uses it always in the proper context and it makes me smile.

// "Mom tell the sun to get out of Jack's eyes!"... as we are driving down the road.

// You're my favorite girl, mom"

// "Those are your balls" This one made me laugh hard...I was laying down and he pointed to my chest and said that.

// "Oh look at him walk! You're so good at it Graham". He gets so excited every time Graham walks, it's the sweetest thing.

// "Don't ever leave again" said in a whisper to me as I was walking out the door to the grocery store.

My favorite things Graham says/does...

// "hi der!" as he holds his hand to his ear pretending its a phone

// He loves to play peek-a-boo which we call "pee pie" in our house

// When we sing twinkle twinkle he opens and shuts his hands

// We have the Alexa in our kitchen and every single time I sit Graham in his highchair he immediately turns to it and says "A-le, A-le, A-le" over and over until I turn it on.

Of course there are many more things that I want to remember but these are by far the most favorite of mine!

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  1. I live these posts to remember the precious little things they say! I love that he called them balls haha!

  2. Your my favorite girl, mom. How do you not melt into a puddle all over the floor. Such sweet boys :).

  3. These are so cute. My son once asked me why I have two cuddly things - meaning on my chest!

  4. I love these. So cute! I am dying over Jack calling your chest balls. Sooo funny. I love when my girls say lub you. It is the best. And I also love the mom tell the sun to get out of jack's eyes. That is the best.

  5. So cute! Walker also calls husband's people's "Daddy." I'm glad we aren't alone in that!

  6. Omg these are so cute! Cam always asks for the sun to get out of his face too. I wish I could fix that. Ha ha!