Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Day in the Life

Happy Wednesday! My boys are headed on a fun get away with their grandparents today. I am already thinking about how much I'm going to miss them, but I know they will have so much fun and I'm excited to have some much needed time with Patrick!

I always love reading these day in the life posts from other bloggers. It's fun to get a glimpse into the day to day life of others. I have been planning to do one of these for awhile and can't seem to get my act together to take pictures throughout the day. So I'm going to do it sans them.

6am// Patricks alarm goes off. I lay there and snooze for about 10-15 minutes {sometimes 20} I throw on some clothes, usually workout gear and head downstairs.  I have been trying really hard to get up early before the kids wake up so that I can come downstairs and have a cup of coffee, catch up on my blog/read my daily reads and have some quiet time. Lately this hasn't been happening as one or both of my boys has been getting up by 6:30.

6:30am// One or both of my boys are up. Jack usually will chill on the sofa watching his iPad while eating a waffle or some mini pancakes...which is usually followed up with "block cheese" {don't ask...he loves block cheese} If Graham is awake I try to keep him content {read: not screaming} until closer to 7 for his morning bottle.

7am// If Graham is not awake I will go up and get him up and feed him his morning bottle.

7:15am// Patrick is out the door headed to work. Usually Graham is fed and somewhat content playing on the floor or in his bouncy seat. Jack is hanging out playing or watching a show. I try to grab a quick breakfast which usually consists of a waffle, pb, and banana.

8:30am// Jack goes to preschool Monday, Tuesday, Thursday so on these days I'm frantically getting both kids dressed and out the door by 8:40 to head to school. Usually about this time Jack decides to make a run for it out the back door into the backyard and I'm trying to wrangle him all while keeping Graham from falling asleep.

9am// Drop Jack at school and book it home in hopes that Graham hasn't totally fallen asleep in the car and ruined his nap time. Once we get home and I get him settled for nap I will try and get a quick workout in and throw some laundry in, pick up, do the dishes. Anything I can accomplish while he naps. Sometimes I'm only given 30 minutes before he's awake and screaming but lately its more like an hour- hour and half.

10:30am// Graham is up and I'll give him his bottle. Once he's fed we usually try to head out to run errands. Grocery store, Target, any stops that we have to make before getting Jack.

12pm// Scoop up Jack from school and head home for lunch. Its usually about this time that Graham conveniently starts to fall asleep...again I try my best to keep him awake. Jack also falls asleep almost every day, but this doesn't affect his nap thank goodness! Once we are home I throw some lunch together for Jack, try to figure out something for me to eat, and keep Graham content. Patrick usually comes home for lunch which is super helpful.

1pm// Both boys are down for nap. I'd love to say that I use this time to run around and pick up and get things done but typically by this point I'm ready for a break. I usually will sit on the sofa and catch up on a show or two that I've DVR'd. Lately I'm obsessed with watching Greys Anatomy reruns on Lifetime.

3-4pm// Both boys are up and I've fed Graham a bottle and given Jack a snack. We typically head outside at this point. We will play in the backyard or I'll throw them in the stroller and go for a walk. I've found thats the best thing to do because it keeps them contained and Graham will snooze and Jack loves looking around. Patrick usually gets home about this time too.

5pm// Come inside and figure out what I need to do to get dinner going. Feed Jack and generally try to keep from going insane since this is usually the Witching Hour for Graham.

6:30pm// Head up to bathe Graham. Jack usually comes with and they will bathe together.

6:45pm// Give Graham his nighttime bottle and put him to bed

7pm// If Patrick and I haven't eaten yet we will eat dinner now. If we have I will usually sit and snuggle with Jack while he watches one Mickey episode and winds down for the night.

7:30ish// One of us takes Jack up and reads books and puts him to bed

8pm// Patrick and I will typically catch up on a show together and just veg on the sofa. Most of the time I will fall asleep at some point.

9:30-10pm// Head up to get read for bed

10pm// Lights are out and if it's not my night to get up with Graham and feed him I'm blissfully asleep all night. If it is my night, I'm counting down the hours until I have to get up to feed!

So there you have it..a typical day for us. Nothing special but nonetheless tends to be chaotic and crazy. Wednesdays are great because Jack is home so we can spend a lazy morning doing nothing or we will have a play date with friends.

Be sure to come back tomorrow for my Thursday Confessions!


  1. "block cheese" makes me laugh because my little sister was also obsessed, but she called it "big cheese" haha. We think it's cause we bought the giant blocks of it from Sam's!

  2. Yep, our days sound pretty similar! I'm jealous that both your kids nap at the same time...I was never able to get that! I love getting a glimpse in to what your normal every day looks like my friend!

  3. I love Day in the Life posts. It's so fun to see what other people's days are like. We have very similar days. Must be a mom thing. Ha ha!