Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Today I'm linking up with Jess and Annie!

// I fall asleep on the sofa nightly. Usually right in the middle of a show that Patrick and I have begun watching. Its really inevitable, I fall asleep hard. Patrick wakes me up at the end and says he's going up to bed. I immediately get up and go upstairs, one would think I would quickly get ready for bed and fall fast asleep. Wrong. I get ready for bed but by the time I get in bed I've caught my second wind and am wide awake. It's really counter productive to fall asleep on the sofa. I should just go to bed before I get to that point. But I can't. I never do. Its really a terrible habit. It bugs Patrick so much. He doesn't understand why if I'm dead asleep on the sofa why I can't just go right to sleep when I get upstairs.

// I am a total hypochondriac. Big time. It's bad. I have created one big rule for me in this area. Never use Dr. Google. For the most part I'm really good about staying off. I find it just gives me even more anxiety if I do google. However, I broke my rule yesterday. I self diagnosed myself. I'm ever doctors worst nightmare as a patient. We will see if I'm right when I go for a check up in a few weeks.

// I am a total overgrammer on Instagram and I snapchat way too much! First step is admitting it..right? I clearly think my kids are super cute and I am awful at a baby book so I feel like when I post these pictures to insta I am really creating a baby book in my mind. I need to start ordering Chat Books...anyone have a good experience with that? As far as snapchat goes...Its just fun. I love seeing the short snip its people post. And the filters..don't even get me started. Jack loves them. We laugh and laugh and laugh at them. It makes for a fun afternoon. You can follow me on instagram @emilynbeaman or snapchat @ebeaman26

// I officially stopped pumping this week. I am equal parts excited and sad. I am so proud of myself for making it 5 months. Thats 4.5 months longer than I ever thought I'd last. I'm sad because for some reason I feel guilty, like I'm letting Graham down. I don't know why I feel like this. Jack was formula fed from very early on. I have no aversion to formula. I just feel differently this time around. My once huge freezer stash is quickly dwindling. It's amazing how quickly that gets used up when you are dependent upon only that.

// Next weekend is my sisters wedding! I can't wait to get back to Charlotte and see my sweet family. I also can't wait to have 3 nights of completely uninterrupted sleep and the ability to sleep in past 7. {which probably won't even happen}.

There you have few fun confessions for you! I would love to hear if you have any confessions or fun admissions. I can't believe tomorrow is Friday. This week has gone pretty fast!


  1. I had a love/hate relationship with quitting pumping. I pumped for 9 1/2 months. I loved giving my girls milk, but it took up a lot of time. I would pump 8 - 10 times a day in the beginning, then at 12 weeks, I went to 7 and down from there. I was still at 5 pumps a day the month before I quit. I went back and forth on it, but in the end it was good for us all. I had more time with my girls, I nourished them for a long time and I felt proud to go any amount of time. So good for you!!! It is tough. That is for sure. He will love you for it no matter what. You are a rockstar.

    1. you my friend are the rockstar! I can't imagine pumping for twins!! 9.5 months is amazing!!! its such a love hate relationship with that pump, but for now I'm not sad to see it go!