Thursday, March 3, 2016

Thursday Confessions

Whew Thursday already! I am so ready for the weekend. This week has been a doozie for me. Today I'm linking up once again for Thursday Confessions

/ I am so beyond over pumping, yet I can't bring myself to stop. I dread every time I have to sit down with that machine or lug it with me in the car because I'm going to be gone longer than a few hours. I have made it 4 months...3.5 months longer that I ever thought I would last. I'm ready to be done with this.

//  Nothing drives me crazy like when I pull up to Harris Teeter and see people parked in the "Customer with Child" parking spaces who don't have children! I want to ask them if they are too lazy to park two spaces down.Part of me always wants to go inside and tell the store manager but then I quickly realize that this is dumb and I need to carry on with my own business. I realize this is a silly thing to be annoyed by..

// I have an extreme aversion to hearing people chew and breath loudly. Anyone who knows me well knows that this is my absolute biggest pet peeve. Nothing gets my nerves going like sitting in a waiting room listening to someone chomp on their gum or have loud nasally breathing. There was an article that wen't around saying that this exact issue had a name..Misophonia. I can't tell you how many people sent it to and friends. Clearly I have issues..

// After my last Thursday confessions I got so much heat for not making my bed that I have officially tried to make it every day. Even if that means making it at 3:00 in the afternoon.

// I hate not having a fresh manicure. HAATE it...The second my nail polish starts to peel off I have to go get a manicure. This has been quite hard being home with an infant...thankfully I usually manage to sneak away during the weekend to do this. I will gladly give up certain things but a manicure is not one of them. I can't remember the last time I didn't have nail polish on my fingers. Speaking of which...I desperately need to get my nails done and I am not sure I'm going to have time until this weekend.

// I have gotten so lazy about taking Graham's monthly pictures. With Jack I was spot on most months with getting the pictures with in a few days. This go around I'm lucky if I get it done within 2 weeks. He turned 4 months on Sunday and I still have yet to take the pictures. Making that my goal for tonight! I love to have them because its so fun to look back after a year and see how much they change from month to month.

There you have it...a few of my confessions this week. Nothing too exciting but maybe you can relate to a few of them and realize that you aren't so crazy! er...maybe I really am that crazy?

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


  1. I am the same way with my nails, but I have become lazy since I can't get them done anymore. I have to paint them myself and that is hard to do after putting my girls to sleep. I have an aversion to people chewing loudly as well. Kills me.

    1. Right now I have two nails that are totally
      Janky and its for real ab to drive me crazy. The whole chewing thing... It gets me every time. Sometimes I think my husband does it on purpose just to annoy me!

  2. Oh I definitely don't make our bed - I know I should because it's great for your mental health etc. etc. but there are about 1000 things that come before that on the to-do list! I'm expecting our second child now and I can totally see the monthly photos getting pushed slowly back - I know I've been way lazier about documenting the pregnancy itself! Oh well. ;) Nice to meet you!

    1. at least you're documenting the pregnancy...the best I did with both boys was take a few pictures on my iPhone..but I never even held up how many weeks I was so it's all a guessing game! Jack doesn't even have a baby book...he has a photo book that i made thats birth-6 months...thats as far as i got! I'm trying to be better with Graham now that I have the blog and posting monthly updates..I wish I had things to look back on with Jack to figure out what stages things happen. Funny how only 2 years later and I've forgotten it all