Thursday, March 17, 2016

Confession Thursday {3.17.16}

It's that time again, I'm linking up with Jess for our Confessions! First up..Happy St. Patrick's Day! I especially like this day since I have 3 gingers living in my house. Today Jack will have a fun little party in his MMO class. That's about the extent to our celebrating...I just realized I don't even have any green on. #fail

Here we go with some confessions this week...

I Confess:

...That I wish I could keep my house straight and organized at all times. I am so envious of everyones house that I see that looks picked up and neat and tidy always. do they do it? I wish that I didn't have clutter but I honestly don't know how to get rid of it? Where do you put everything??

....That I have a weird counting obsession. When we are driving I'll count the trees in the median, the lines on the road, the spindles on a fence...if there is something to count usually its going on in my mind. And I don't just count by one..a lot of times I do it by 2's. Some times ill even do it by 1's and then go back and do it by 2's...A big one that I do multiple times a day is the windowpanes on our french doors. They are in eye sight when I am sitting on the sofa and for some reason it just happens. I don't even realize I'm doing it. I'm not a math person so I don't really know what this means...I am majorly letting my freak flag fly right now! #owningit

....I'm ready for the day when both kids sleep through the night all the time. I swear Graham has been sleeping better at night these past few days and now Jack has been waking up. If one is asleep the other is awake, and just as soon as the awake one goes to sleep the asleep one wakes up! Thank goodness for a sweet husband who always helps!

.....We are having Graham baptized this weekend and having a small lunch at our house after with our family. I dread making sure my house is spotless and presentable for everyone. My dining room becomes a catch all so it's probably good for me that I'm having to put everything away and organize it. {See confession 1}

....Patrick looked up how much I have spent on amazon in the last 6 months and I am not proud of it. Why does prime make it SO easy to just click a button and order anytime you need something. I really need to dial it back.

...I finally took Graham's four month pictures...only 3 weeks late. I'm still counting it a win that I actually remembered to do them!

....Jack is wearing on my patience these days. He is at the stage where he knows he shouldn't be doing something but still does it anyways. Yet time out isn't effective. I love this stage he is in but the terrible two's aren't for the faint of heart!

....I spend way too much time on snap chat these days! For some reason I can't get enough of it and I love the funny new faces that you can add. If you're on snap chat follow me..ebeaman26

There you go...nothing too juicy today. Tell me some of your confessions this week in the comments below! I'm off to go count something or pick up my house. #butnotreally See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!


  1. omg i do that counting thing too! except I'm even more of a freak because I also will like flex my muscles as I'm counting in my legs..which is super weird. the only thing I can think of that made me start that is we used to travel and drive a lot when I was younger so it kept me busy looking out the window!?

    1. I'm so glad i'm not the only one!!

  2. Hey em , your old friend Sandy from Hollymont here...So sweet of you to share with us all what you are going through. Sometime I count as would probably be really good at knitting because there is definitely some counting involved in it!! I totally spent a lot of money on amazon prime before my second child was born ....and when she was a newborn, they need little things, and things basically to help them feel cozy. Its funny because since my little one was about 6 months old i spent way less......Do you do confessions as part of your faith and spiritual practice? Thanks again for sharing and may god and the angels bless you and your very precious family.