Friday, March 25, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Good Friday! What a fun weekend we have coming up. I love Easter but honestly it doesn't even feel like it. It's so early this year and has kind of snuck up on me. Jack is loving hunting for Easter Eggs so I'm excited to see him do some more of that this weekend.

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// Katie posted this recipe for banana muffins this week. She said they were toddler approved. I needed to test them out with my picky toddler..the fact that they have spinach in them was a major win for me. Hello secret hidden veggies! While they are a funky color...bright green, they were tasty and Jack has been eating them up. He especially likes the mini ones that I made. Thanks for the toddler food hack Katie!

// I got a swell water bottle for Christmas, I  love it! It keeps my water cold for so long. I was in target today and noticed that Swell has created a brand for Target. The bottles appear to be the exact same just a different shape and they come in these fun colors! I think they would make a great gift especially if you slap a cute monogram on them, because....duh everything is better with a monogram! 

// I posted this picture on my instagram page the other day. These boys have such a special bond already. I love catching them in sweet moments like this. Jack is so attentive to Graham and cares about him so much. It is amazing to see how much they love each other. 

// Jack is entering the phase where he can tell me exactly what he wants or doesn't want to wear. I tried to put red shoes on him today and it was "no mommy, blue shoes!" He found these rain boots that I had planned to put in his Easter basket #fail and insisted on wearing them today. Luckily they were a little big and I convinced him that he should leave them at home and not wear to school. 

// This little bunny melts my heart! I laughed at the fact that he could fit in his Easter basket...luckily I realized I had ordered the wrong size and the sweet shop owner sent me the correct one. Maybe when he's in high school he will be big enough to carry this bag. The boys baskets came from this etsy shop. She is currently on a break to finish orders but if you are in the market for a darling basket that will be kept forever check her out! 

// This week has been full of Easter egg hunts for Jack. He really has gotten into it and actually was quite the egg hog at his preschool hut this week. We had a little playdate at our house on Wednesday and set out eggs for the boys to look for. He could care less what's in the eggs its just the act of finding them...maybe bc I also put the basket full of candy up so he couldn't eat it all! 

// This sweet boy will be 5 months on Monday. I can not believe it! He is the happiest sweetest babe ever and I feel so lucky to be his mama....even when he refuses to nap and screams his head off for an hour straight #truth 

I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend and spend it with your family celebrating and remembering the true meaning of this holiday weekend! 


  1. So cute that he found his green boots early. They were cute! I want to make the girls the muffins now and see how they do with them. My girls love meat and carbs, but not fruits and veggies that much. I have to sneak them in muffins as well.