Monday, March 7, 2016

Scenes from our weekend + a giveaway!

I can't believe the weekend is over already. They always go so fast!

Friday morning started off with a bang...nothing like waking up and getting the coffee going just to realize you have no creamer...le sigh. Everyone was still asleep so I decided that I would run up to the  food lion. This is about 3 minutes from my house. No big deal, so I thought.  It was 6:45 a.m. and I hopped in the car...still wearing my soft clothes and looking a hot mess...glasses and all! (you may have been lucky enough to get a quick snapchat of this whole incident). I pulled up to Food Lion at 6:48....and I see that they don't open until 7 {insert emoji thumbs down!} So I decided that I would push on to Harris Teeter which is a bit farther up the road...I had come this far I might as well get the damn creamer! Got to HT and ran in for creamer..decided I better double up and get 2 so this won't happen again in a few days! On a side note...if you ever need to grocery shop in peace and quiet 6:50 a.m. is the time to do it! I was in and out and home just as my boys were all waking up!

I got Jack off to school and was back home doing some things around the house when all of a sudden Patrick went in the garage to get something and do some work outside...I heard the loudest bang! Immediately I thought the garage door had closed on him...clearly I'm a very rational person who jumps to the worst case scenario instantly! P was just fine...however our garage door had just broken...with my car inside. {double thumbs down emoji} Thankfully one of the perks to living in a small down is that the garage door people were here within 20 minutes and 30 minutes from then the door was fixed and I was able to get my car out!

This little nugget has had quite the time with the four month sleep regression. Naps are few and far between in the crib and nighttime sleep is hit or miss..leaving a very tired mama and daddy.

Both boys spent the night at my inlaws Friday night..which means...a full nights sleep for me! {and all the tired mamas said Amen!} We went to dinner with some of our friends Friday night. It was amazing to sit through an entire meal and not have to get up to chase after a toddler or hold a fussy baby. We enjoyed some adult conversation and had a great time. The best part...we were home by 8:30 and I was asleep on the sofa by 9. #i'manoldlady

Saturday we took our time getting up and headed to get the boys. Stopping first for doughnuts! Wilson has a great little doughnut shop that we love to get as a special treat.

I got my first hand picked flowers from my favorite 2 year old saturday morning. #bestillmyheart

Saturday afternoon P and Jack did some work in the yard. More like...Jack begged to go on the swing and P battled between that and getting roscoe to stop eating mud! It ended before it really started and he realized that nap time would work better!

Saturday night we didn't do a whole lot. Ordered pizza and watched Carolina BEAT Duke!

Sunday was a lazy morning...we had a rough night with Graham and were all tired. Jack and I went to the grocery store early and got that out of the way. I love doing some one on one things with him. He is so fun and I love carrying on a conversation with him.

After naps Jack and I went for a little walk around the neighborhood. It was a bit chilly but this week is supposed to get into the upper 70's! I can't wait for some nice spring weather!

This happy babe decided to boycott any form of nap in his crib most of the weekend!

A friend of mine posted about these 3 ingredient clean peanut butter cookies. I decided after getting both boys to bed I'd whip them up! I added some dark chocolate chips to a few of them. They are yum!

And there you have it..our weekend in a nutshell. Nothing super exciting but it was a great weekend spent with the 3 people I love the most!

Now...time for a giveaway!

Today myself and nine other gals are teaming up to give away $450 paypal cash to one lucky winner! Head on over to my instagram page to check out all the details! Who wouldn't love an extra $450 to spend anyway they like!

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