Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Whats Happening Wednesday- Sleep Essentials

I'm going to be real honest with ya'll...I am in a major blogging slump. I don't know if its the start of summer or what but man I have been staring at my blank computer screen trying to write decent content and nothing would come to me. Thus the lack of posts this week. I am probably going to back down to 3 days a week posting for this month and maybe through summer. I don't like feeling the pressure of trying to post 5 days a week.

I think as moms we all have something that we feel like we are really good at. Getting my kids to eat a variety of healthy meals is not one of my things. But, sleep, now sleep I can do! I think a good sleep environment is key to having a good sleeper. In fact, on a recent trip to Charlotte I realized about half way there that I forgot Grahams sleep sack. Literally the first thing that I did upon arriving was run up to the local boutique and buy one for him.

These are what I think help to make a great sleeper. We take all of this whenever we go somewhere!

Sleep Sack - Jack literally slept in this until he moved out of his crib at almost 3 years old. I plan to do the same with Graham. keeps them from being able to climb out! 

Paci- If your baby is a paci baby you know how important these are. Graham has no less than 5+ in his crib at any given time. I love having a bunch in there so that they can find them when they wake no matter where they are in the crib. Often times he will have one in his mouth and one in each hand. 

Lovey- I tried to get Jack to attach to a lovey and he never did, so this time I have kept it with Graham since birth. He has two of them and I'm not sure he's entirely attached but I hope that it will help with the getting rid of the paci at some point.

Jammies- We are big fans of carters zip up jammies. They make middle of the night diaper changes easy and they are fairly inexpensive, especially with all of their sales they run! 

pillow- I don't have a pillow in Graham's crib yet, but I will eventually put this small one in there to help ease the transition from crib to bed. 

Sound Machine- my #1 piece of advice for moms is to get a sound machine. Play the white noise and turn it up loud! I think this is probably the biggest aspect of sleep training. My MIL has one at her house, we take two whenever we leave town so that each boy has their own. 

None of these things are crazy out of the box things, but they have helped to make my boys good sleepers. What are the essentials that your baby needs to sleep? 

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  1. We use out sound machine every night and so!! Can't sleep without which may not entirely be a good thing but oh well! We had the same machine as you have pictured but nownwoth or oldest we switched over to Hatch baby to help with when she is in a big girl bed. It has different lights for when she can get up and when she has to stay in bed! We are training now to hopefully get her on a routine!!
    Great tips Emily!

    xo Jenna

  2. Yes! We have the DOHM sound machines for the boys (and one for us) and they're a must! We travel everywhere with them! My mother-in-law has the one you linked above and it's so great and loud and drowns out so much noise.

  3. We used sound machines with our boys but had to wean off of them after reading some medical speculation research on how they effect speech development in delayed kids (our boys have a speech delay), blackout curtains are an essential for me though! Has your oldest quit his paci? I'd love to hear how another mom got through that, I'm struggling hard after tons of different attempts!

  4. We live for our sound machine! Jackson loves to have the creek or water noises. Once we moved Lincoln from our room Mike actually had me go buy another one and now we sleep to ocean waves, per his request ;-) A sleep sack has been a lifesaver with Lincoln, too! It was a total game changer.

  5. I've heard really great things about sound machines and sleep sacks. Definitely remembering that for the future!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. Love your suggestions. We never did a sound machine but I've always heard good things. I love the photos you share with graham in his sleep sacks. So cute!

  7. Yes yes yes!! I have slept with a sound machine since I was a baby and I literally cannot sleep without it! Vivi sleeps with one now and it's key!