Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween 2016

Whew, Halloween 2016 is in the books! Is anyone else recovering from a sugar coma? We had a great day!

We went to our friends house for an early dinner followed by some trick or treating! We only went to a few houses before Graham started melting down and was ready for bed. Jack had a great time and I was shocked that he actually went up to people and would say "Happy Halloween!" in the sweetest voice. He tends to freeze up whenever he doesn't know someone so I was sure that he wouldn't say a word.

None of these pictures are fabulous but I love them anyways! It's virtually impossible to get a good smiling picture of both boys right now. Graham won't sit still for anything and Jack never seems to look directly at the camera! It's frustrating, but I'm learning to just go with it and take what I can get.

And now for a Halloween photo dump...

I had to show our halloween last year. We were still in the hospital with baby Graham so my sweet Mickey Mouse Jack went trick or treating with his nana and grandaddy! I was so sad to miss it so this year was extra sweet for me!

The boys and I made a stop at the grocery store before lunch today. I happened to turn around and see Jack giving Graham the sweetest hug.

And here is real life! Trying to get a picture of the boys before we left...Graham is un interested in sitting still and what in the world is Jack looking at? Probably something on the TV.

 Graham and his little friend were both dalmatians, and Grahams brother and John-Carr's cousin Graham (who is a friend of Jacks!) were both firemen!

Y'all...does anyone else find it impossible to get a decent picture of you with your kids!

And that's a wrap on Halloween 2016! 

I plan on doing a post tomorrow on Graham's sweet little birthday party! 

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  1. What a difference a year makes. :) Your boys are so adorable and look like they had a great time. We had such great weather for trick or treating. I agree with it being difficult to get a good photo with the kids. Don't they know their mom is nuts about photos?

  2. Oh my goodness, I cannot get over that little dalmatian costume! So cute! And I love how they coordinated.

  3. Love your boys costumes! My 2 year old was a fire fighter and my pregnant belly was a dalmatian. I can hardly ever get a good photo with my son. I'm a photographer so I always get great photos of him and every one else, but as soon as I try to get one, he instantly fights it. So frustrating!

  4. They looked so cute! The picture of them hugging at the grocery store is absolutely adorable!

  5. We also had a hard time getting any photos with the girls. They wanted to walk and go up to the houses. They had a blast though. Looks like you had a great time though. And your boys are so darling in their costumes.

  6. They were so stinking cute!! And look at you getting a post up! I don't know how all of you girls were able to get posts up!! I was exhausted last night! Haha.

  7. I've always loved the fireman and dog costume! So much that when my 2 year old was a fireman I wore the Dalmatian ears myself!