Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Happenings

Monday morning we meet again! We had a really great weekend. It was quite busy which has been out of the norm for us lately.

Friday morning I took the boys to the pool to swim and have lunch before nap time. It was so nice. We were the only ones at the pool and it was cloudy so it wasn't as unbearable hot as it has been lately.

Friday night Patricks aunt and uncle came to town so we went over to his parents house for dinner. Jack got to help Grandaddy make homemade peach ice cream. Graham loved all the snuggles and attention he got from Aunt Patsy!

Saturday morning I met my good friend Megan {from target!} for pedicures! When I got home Patrick was outside and came in and asked me if I had hit someone with my car. I quickly said no and ran outside. Well at some point while I was out that morning someone backed into my car and left a sizable scratch and messed up the bumper. I am less than thrilled that there was no note left.

When I got home we met up with my In laws, Patricks aunt and uncle and his cousin Lauren came to town for the day. We had lunch at Parker's BBQ.  It's definitely a staple in Wilson and some place out of towners love to go. If you have never had Eastern NC bbq you are really missing out!

After naps we headed back over to my In laws to hang out with everyone before heading to some friends for dinner. We ended up leaving Graham home with a sitter so that we didn't have to be home so early {thanks to 6:30 bedtime!}.

Jack is about to put a coin in his mouth here...this is the point in the night where it went down hill and my child went balls to the walls crazy!

Jack got the cutest mail addressed to himself from his new teachers. I am so excited for him to be in the PK 2 class and with these two teachers. He's going to have the best year!

Sunday morning we met everyone for breakfast and Jack went home with them to play while we took Graham home for his morning nap. After nap we headed back to visit with Patsy before coming home to put the boys down for nap. We didn't do anything but hang out Sunday afternoon.

It was a busy but fun weekend! I am seeing that it revolved around food which is ok on my part! I hope you had a great weekend and got to do something fun!

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  1. Busy weekend but full of so much fun! Such a bummer someone hit your car and didn't do the right that. Ugh!! Yay for girl and family time though.

  2. What a fun weekend...minus the car incident! I hate that happened!

  3. That really sucks about someone hitting your car and not saying something. I would be livid. Not cool at all. But otherwise it looks like a pretty good weekend. We have meltdowns at restaurants too. Balls to the walls wild children. Ha.