Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday Confessions

It's that time again!

I confess...

// That I've spent entirely too much time watching the Olympics this week. Staying up way past my bedtime which makes for a tired mama come 6 am!

// That I have gotten awful at responding to comments made on my posts. I am one of those people that will read a reply as soon as it pops up on my email but then go about what I'm doing and quickly forget to respond. I definitely need to get better because I love chatting with the sweet mamas that always comment! (thanks jess and danielle! ;)

// That I have given in to this phase that Jack is going through with waking up nightly and wanting to get in our bed. I'm having to eat my words because I always said I'd never allow it. At this point I'm too tired to care and he's so sweet and snuggly wanting to hold our hands or snuggle with Patrick or myself. I am just reminding myself that soon enough he won't want to sleep with me ever again. One day he and Graham can sleep together and I'll have my bed back!

// That I really want to grow my blog but I'm struggling with where to start or how to do it. I'm not writing this blog for others necessarily but I would love to gain followers and be able to meet other awesome bloggers. That's been my favorite part, interacting with all the other bloggers that I've found!

// That I'm going to see "Bad Moms" tonight with some girlfriends and I can't wait. I've heard its hilarious and I'm so excited for a night out with my favorite mama friends!

// That I had car trouble yesterday and had to get a new battery! I'm so glad it was covered under warranty. Cars are great until they stop working and then they stink!

So there we have it..a few of my confessions this week. Nothing really exciting. I guess that means my life is boring right now. I'm perfectly ok with that!

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  1. It's all good friend. You reply f and wen you have time. :) I want to see Bad Moms so bad! I was supposed to last week but all the rain we got caused flooding so we decided to wait. Let me know what you think. :)

  2. Hey if you're into growing your blog check out I'm not so spammer and it's not mine haha. Thanks for your thoughts! Happy Thursday!

  3. So envious that you're going to see Bad Moms!! I need a GNO so badly and that sounds like a fun one! I've had a tough time replying to comments too. For some reason I'm not receiving the emails when comments are left, so I'm having to go in and do it manually. There's not enough time in the day...;)

  4. I loved Bad Moms. It was so funny. I love blogging and interacting with everyone too. I want to grow my blog more as well. I get tips and advice from Living for Naptime as well (the blog that was mentioned above). Thanks for linking up!