Monday, August 15, 2016

Weekend Happenings-Big Boy Room

Monday morning we meet again, and I'm just as tired as I was Friday morning. I blame it on the Olympics!

Our weekends have become very similar lately. Meaning, we haven't done much of anything really since getting back from our trip.

Friday morning Jack and I had a day date planned with some other friends. I took him to get donuts before we headed to this open gym at a gymnastics center about 30 minutes away. We had a great time, other than the major goose egg he got not 10 minutes after we got there. He was bouncing on the trampoline and some how fell forward off it and hit his head on the only corner in the entire place. It became quite the goose egg and of course my nervous self had a hard time enjoying the rest of the morning. Jack was totally fine and went about playing. I am sure this is the first of many goose eggs to come!

Thankfully it went down pretty quick and by the evening was just a small bump and a big bruise.

We had some friends over Friday night for pizza. Jack and Hudson played and we talked about how this time next year Graham and their new baby will be running around chasing after the older boys and I'm sure it will be quite the get together.

Saturday I decided that it was time to take the crib down in Jack's room since he has been doing so well in his big boy bed. I also took the opportunity to get patrick to hang some things that have been needing to be hung for awhile now. After a quick trip to lowes and lunch out the boys went down for naps and we continued watching the Olympics/taking naps ourselves.

After the boys woke up we got to work in Jacks room. I threw the boys in the bathtub to contain them and Patrick got the crib down. I have to admit I was much more sad that I had thought I would be. I'm glad we still have at least one baby in a crib!

I was excited that since the crib was down I could finally arrange the room the way I wanted to. I moved his club chair from next to his bed to by the window. Added a much needed bookshelf and put the bedside table in the room. We hung two things on the wall and with a few more small additions to the room it was complete {for the most part}. I still need to hang two canvas prints I have of Jack but was waiting to make sure that I wanted to keep the bookshelf I had or get a new one. I also need something for above his bed, I'm thinking a monogram or a big single letter J.

I love the way the room turned out! It has easily become my favorite room in the house. Jack loves his "big boy bed" and I love walking by it each day.

We also hung this sweet angel baby's composite pictures up, finally. Only 2 years later! There is also a picture hook for when I get Graham's done. I guess it's time I start thinking about that!

I love a home tour and was thinking about continuing with each room and posting about it. Is this something you'd like to see? 

Have a great Monday, Friends! 

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  1. That's quite the goose egg. Poor Jack. Glad it went down quickly. I love his big boy room!! The dog theme is so awesome. Way to go!

  2. Loving Jack's room! It's so cute! Have a great week!

  3. Aw his big boy room looks so good!

  4. Jack's room looks so cute now! Way to go on getting it all done this weekend. I can't believe his goose egg. I felt so bad, but know that it happens. My girls have scrapped knees and elbows from falling outside. Toddler life, right!

  5. Love the room....Glad Jack's injury wasn't any more serious

  6. Aww poor Jack with the goose egg. Isn’t it funny when these types of things happen - you brace yourself for crying and run to their side and then they’re all like, “Oh I’m fine, let me play Mom.” Kids! LOVE Jack’s big boy room! His bedding is adorable!

  7. Bless his heart with that goose egg! Glad he was able to go about playing anyway. Jack's big boy room is perfect! Do you mind me asking where his bedding came from? This is exactly what I'm looking for to update my son's room from a nursery to a big boy room. Thanks!