Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What's In My Makeup Drawer

I love reading about different products that other bloggers love. I found my favorite new hair products that way. While I don't wear a ton of makeup on the reg I figured that I would share with you my favorite products that I use. Lets be real....I don't get dolled up daily. I'm lucky if I put some concealer and mascara on before I leave the house...well, now that I've hit 30 I do try to always put those 2 things on. Because.....dark circle. Hello new baby who doesn't sleep.

This is my drawer in my vanity. When I was on a cleaning out kick I went through and organized and only kept what I use regularly. But, I don't use all of this stuff all the time. I'm listing my top 10 things that I love right now and that I would use if I was going to do a full face of makeup. 

 The Big Easy- This is a great liquid to powder foundation with light coverage. I don't love a heavy foundation and I've found this does a good job covering without feeling heavy. It also has 25 SPF in it so I love that. 

Erase Paste- This is a great concealer. It definitely hides my dark circles and does a good job brightening up my under eye.

Natural Eyes- Up until recently I loved loved Urban Decay Naturals eye Palates, I still use them but I'm on to this Too Faced Natural Eyes palate right now. Its got some great neutrals for every day and then also a few options to dress it up if I'm going out...which is, like never...

Nars Illuminator in Hot Sand- Shay blogged about this awhile back and I had to order it. I love that it adds a little shimmer to my cheeks. I mix it in with my foundation and it does the trick. 

Gimme Brow- My sister just recommended this product to me this weekend. My brows are really light and this helps to darken them. Its quick and easy. 

Better than Sex Mascara- I'm always trying to find new Mascaras. My sister also recommended this to me this past weekend and I immediately went out and bought it. It works great and isn't to thick!  

Brushes - I got these my brushes from Sephora. 

I also always have some sort of lip gloss in my car or purse. I really love this Dior Lip Glow, it matches to the color of your lips and does a good job of adding shine like a gloss. 

Nothing too fancy for me. I'm pretty simple when it comes to makeup. I haven't figured out how to contour and I don't spend hours putting on makeup daily. What are some of your go to makeup products? Let me know in the comments, I always love finding new things to use! 

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