Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Graham 5 month Update

Weight: He didn't have a check up this month but from our at home weighing I'm thinking around 13 lbs.
Height: not sure this month but he's definitely getting long
Diaper Size: Moved to size 2!
Clothing: most of his 3m is getting small and he's wearing a lot of 3-6 month. Still in 3m sleepers but I need to get some 6 month, he's starting to bust at the seams in the feet.
Nicknames: g baby, baby gam, gam, grammy
Health: This past month he has been pretty good. The snotty nose finally went away and overall both boys have been healthy.
Sleep: Whew..sleep. These 4 letters are the bane of my existence right now! The four month regression lasted forever. I will say his night time sleep is pretty consistent. Going down about 7 and usually waking once to eat between 4-5. However, naps...naps are terrible! Naps were so bad and I was so frustrated that I ended up working with a sleep consultant to try and get him napping longer than 30 minutes. I plan to do a separate post on this coming up soon!

Diet: I officially stopped pumping so he gets a mixture of formula and breast milk. Usually 4 oz bm and 2 oz formula in each bottle with an all formula snack bottle.
Loves: being held, playing on the floor under his play mat, his big brother, laughing and smiling {all the time!}

Dislikes: nap time, being hungry, wet diapers, the carseat when its not in motion
Milestones: You were baptized at our Church, celebrated St. Patrick's day and Easter. Went to vote with Mama.  Still working on rolling from back to belly. We did put him in the jumperoo for the first time, but sadly his little feet didn't touch the ground. #shortbabeprobs

Sweet Graham you are just that..the sweetest! We love your constant smiles and belly laughs. You are such a bright spot in our day. You rarely fuss anymore unless its the dreaded witching hour or you are tired...from your lack of napping. I really can't believe you are 5 months old, this time has seriously flown by! Before I know it you will be turning 1....{hold me!} We love you so very much!


  1. Oh, this gives me baby fever so bad. He is just the sweetest little nugget! And he looks so happy!!

  2. He is growing so fast and makes me want another one. I feel you on the sleep training. ROUGH. I hope it gets better. Soak in those baby snuggles!

  3. Those gummy similes are adorable! Enjoy every second. 😊