Monday, April 11, 2016

Scenes from my weekend- Wedding Edition

Happy Monday! Today was extra hard to get up for. I am dragging from such a fun weekend.  This weekend was absolutely perfect!

I have 2 older sisters. My oldest sister, Gray, got married on Saturday. My middle sister, Ellen, and her family had been in town all week. We are very rarely all together at the same time so this made the weekend extra special.

We dropped our boys off at my in-laws on Thursday and hit the road to Charlotte.
I may have enjoyed a McDonald's apple pie on the way

We got into town mid afternoon. I dropped my bags, gave my mama and daddy a hug and kiss and peaced out to the mall. {By. My. Self.} It was amazing. I wasn't in a rush trying to get in and out of stores before one of my boys had a melt down. I was able to wander around and go where I wanted to. I did some damage at the Lilly Pulitzer store and also found a necklace for Gray to wear to the wedding and a dress for Ellen to wear...we decided last minute that we were going to coordinate. {We had a secret desire to be matrons of honor but knew Gray wasn't having anyone other than their kids stand up with them} That night we had a family dinner at my parents house. It was low key and so fun.

Friday Gray, Ellen, and I had appointments to get mani/pedis and then were going to meet up with my Mom for lunch. We had a great time just the 4 of us. Its rare that we ever get adult time without someones child accompanying us. It felt like old times. We had adult conversation and didn't have to rush through anything. Gray also asked us to stand up there with her and be her matrons of honor, we were so excited!

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner. It was at my parents club and was a small intimate dinner with just family and a very few close friends {who are more like family than friends}.

 Saturday we spent the day relaxing at my parents house. We had our hair done and just enjoyed the day. Gray was beaming all day. I kept asking her if she was nervous and her response remained the same "I'm just really excited!". Aside for one bridezilla moment when she first walked in the door that morning the day couldn't have gone more smoothly. The house was full of wild kids but they loved playing with each other. My sister has one daughter, Anna, who is 7. Her husband {that was weird to say} has 10 year old triplets...yes you read that correctly! My sweet sister has gone from having one child to now having 4! She is the perfect woman for this and has wanted nothing more than to have a large family.

nothing like your law care hubby doing some yard work an hour before the wedding

The wedding was at 5. It was the sweetest ceremony. I definitely shed some happy tears watching Gray walk down the aisle. She has waited such a long time to find a wonderful man who loves her unconditionally and she found that in Brian.

Our nannie passed away in September and this was the firs time I had seen her plaque. 

The reception was at my parents house. We all had a great time!

After one last family breakfast at my parents Sunday morning Patrick and I headed back to Wilson. I had the absolute best time with my family but I was ready to get back to my babies! I missed my boys all weekend...and go figure, I missed Graham rolling from back to tummy for the first time!! It was really nice to be able to enjoy the weekend and focus on my sister without having to worry about my boys and what they were doing or getting into at all times.

It is obvious by the amount of pictures I took this weekend was full of love. We are so thrilled to have Brian and his kids as apart of our family now. My sister has always been my biggest cheerleader and I was so honored to stand next to her as she married the love of her life!

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  1. So excting to be her MOH! mani/pedis are the best!

  2. This sounds like such a fun wedding! And I bet spending all that time with family was so awesome! Best wishes to the new family! :)