Thursday, April 7, 2016

Thursday Confessions!

This is always one of my favorite posts each week! Linking up with Jess, Natalie and  Annie today.

I confess....

//That while I am so excited to go out of town this weekend I dread packing. Not only do I have to pack for myself but I also have to pack for the 2 littles in my family and I always end up laying out Patricks clothes too. I miss the days when I could just pack for myself and it took no time. Now I have to make multiple lists to make sure I don't forget anything, especially for Graham! Bottles, formula, paci, sound machine...I probably should just pack his entire room!

// That I thought I had a ginormous stash of frozen breast milk from pumping....wrong. That stuff goes like crazy when its all you're using. I'm trying to make it last by adding in formula to each bottle but I'm pretty sure by this time next week it'll be completely gone.

// That I could never be a co-sleeper with my kids. The past 2 nights Jack has ended up in our bed and while he has slept all night, mama needs her space! Its sweet how he snuggles up to me and wants to hold my hand all night, but I like space and the 6 inches he allows me in the bed just isn't cutting it.

// This shampoo/conditioner is really helping keep my hair cleaner longer. It's no secret I hate washing my hair so anything that helps to keep it looking cleaner gets an A+ by me! Go by won't regret it!

// That sleep training is not for the faint of heart. I have let Graham cry it out for an hour multiple times this week. I'm planning an entire post on this hopefully next week!

// That I learned from Lindsays blog last week that we are no longer supposed to double space after a period.  Seriously..when did this happen? How did the teacher in me not know this?  I don't like it, it goes against everything I've ever learned!

That's it for this week! I'm headed to Charlotte today to see my sweet sister get married! I'll be back Monday with a full recap of the fun weekend ahead!


  1. LOL! Seriously, who made up this single spacing rule?! I refuse, refuse, I say, to jump on that bandwagon! Haha! Have a great day, girl!

  2. Packing with a baby is such a pain! Its one of the things I really notice now that the boys are older. I'm shocked how little I have to pack now! :)

  3. Have fun at the wedding. Yeah packing with baby sucks!! But it changes-- promise! And single spacing after a period?! Whhhattt?

  4. Haha! I'm holding on to the double spacing after a period. I just can't get used to it the other way. My thumbs automatically hit the space bar twice and my eyes think it looks weird with only one space. Guess I'm old fashioned. Happy Almost Friday!

  5. I hope you have fun this weekend. I dread packing too and I remember the days when I could just pack for myself. So much easier. My breast milk stash went fast as well. Sucks. Hope you have an amazing weekend. I can't wait to hear about it.

  6. I could never co-sleep either. I'd be like, OMG, MOVE OVER! Haha. I've never been a cuddly sleeper, that's for sure!

    And thanks for the shout out! I'm glad to know that there are others out there who are with me on this!