Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Lets Talk: Baby Sleep

Happy Wednesday friends! I have sort of been having some writers block this week. Im not sure if its the beautiful weather and all the time spent outside or the lack of baby naps but I've just felt a little off.

Today I want to talk about sleep. See here's the thing. I thrive on sleep. I thrive on a schedule. I am what some refer to as "the sleep nazi". I don't know if Jack was just a really good baby and fell into a great sleep pattern or if I did something differently because honestly this time around I am no expert. In fact I went to the lengths of working with a great sleep specialist to help with said sleep issues.

Graham is a lap baby through and through. He would be perfectly content sleeping in my arms all day every day. But lets get real...then not one thing gets done around the house and mama gets no break. Not gonna happen. I have been working with Graham pretty hard over the past several weeks and I've come to one conclusion...this baby is so inconsistent!

evidence of a no nap nap time

He will nap great for 2 days, I'm talking 2+ hour naps in his crib without waking once. Then it's like he thinks "jokes on you mama!" I'm going to nap terribly for the next 3. Waking up after 30 minutes, screaming in his crib for an hour. {true story..the boy has some stamina!}

So while I used to get super frustrated by this {hello major meltdown from a 30 year old} I have decided that this is just a season. And the best thing about seasons is they pass. I will relish in the 2+ hour nap days and the days where he only naps 30 minutes I will take a deep breath and push through until bedtime...or when my husband walks in the door and I say "tag you're it!". If Graham wasn't the happiest baby when awake it would be much harder for me to have this mentality. But those precious gummy smiles that I get constantly throughout the day is enough to get me through the messy house, dishes in the sink, and piles of laundry that need to be washed/folded.

Honestly, I can't complain too terribly much, he is sleeping pretty well at night waking only once to eat and right back down. So if I had to choose I would rather have a bad napper than a bad nighttime sleeper.

So, at one point dubbed "the sleep nazi"...I no longer have this title because lets be honest, I have no idea what the heck I am doing these days. #owningit

 My advice to my new mama friends is to not stress yourself out. I was getting so frustrated that I was getting angry. If you have to snuggle that baby to sleep it's not going to ruin him in the long run. Enjoy those snuggles while you can because in a few months they will become few and far between! And if you've got a good sleeper don't have as high of expectations as I did that your next will be just the same. If I've learned anything over the past 6 months of life with 2 it's that they are not the same, in any way.  On the bright side, if you've got a terrible sleeper there's hope that your next babe will be a fabulous one!

If you have any awesome tips on how to get your almost 6 month old to nap please send them my way. I am open to any and all suggestions!!

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