Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Favorites

Happy Fri-YAY!! We made it through another week. This week has surprisingly gone by quite fast but I'm definitely ready for the weekend.

My favorites from this week..

O N E | this may be my most favorite from the week. Graham started walking!! Like really walking, he had been taking one or two steps from the coffee table to the sofa or chair for a few weeks but he finally let go and walked across the room. I was so excited! He turned 16 months old this week and I was beginning to think he never would walk. We always cheer and get so excited every time he does it and he turns with a huge smile and is so proud of himself.

T W O | Piggy backing on Graham walking, he now can start going to Mothers Morning Out! I had signed him up to start in January but they have to be walking so he had yet to go. Every time I drop Jack at school he wants to stay. So yesterday, he went for the first time! He immediately got down and started playing and didn't even look back, such a big boy! This is a far cry from how Jack was when he started, he cried daily. It's so nice to just hand him off with a smile and know he's going to have a great day! Jack was also so excited that Graham was going to his school. He couldn't wait to show his friends on the playground!

T H R E E | It's no secret that I love my kids artwork! The hand and footprints that come home are some of my most treasured pieces. I finally got one of Graham yesterday!! Daphne, our director and my good friend immediately said "Emily, I know you're going to be so excited about that artwork!" She knows me well.

F O U R | This week my cordless vacuum that I keep downstairs for a quick run over the carper or mess cleanup broke. It happened to be the same day that I saw someone post that the Dyson Stick vacuum was on sale on Amazon for like 50% off. It is a refurbished one, which i fine with me! I immediately ordered it and was so excited when it came yesterday...I've officially hit old woman status..getting excited over a vacuum!

F I V E | Last night I went out to dinner and shopping with two of my girlfriends. Megan (from target) has easily become one of my very best friends over the past year. She is pregnant and expecting a baby girl (!!!!) She currently has a boy, who is one of Jacks best buddies! She needed to do some maternity clothes shopping so we decided to make a night of it and go to Raleigh and eat at Chuys (Yum!) and head to the mall. It was a much needed girls night out and so fun to spend some time with these two!

S I X | I can't leave Jack out of my favorites and his teacher sent these pictures yesterday and they cracked me up! That precious girl is Charlotte, whom is Jacks BFF, he pretty much thinks she hung the moon. His teacher said that she was posing and Jack came up and was trying to pose like her. It cracked me up!! He's looking especially growny in this outfit to me. I love a sweatshirt, and add a monogram and it may be my favorite thing!!

We don't really have plans this weekend. The weather is going to be a bit chillier but I'm sure we will be outside! Tonight will be pizza and maybe a movie for P and me once the boys go to bed! Have a great weekend, friends!

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  1. Can you do a review of the vacuum? I almost got it a few weeks ago but was nervous it wouldn't handle dog hair well :)

  2. Awww...go Graham! Such a big boy this week with walking and preschool! I love my dyson. We actually have numerous ones because Drew knows a guy. Ha ha! Have a great weekend friend!!

  3. So excited for Graham! (And now you for having some much-needed alone time!) Knox is signed up for the fall and same thing, he has to be walking. I'm guessing he'll be like Graham and won't go right in August.

    And, I have the Dyson Stick and I LOVE it!! So easy and I now can't vacuum with a cord. So annoying!

  4. That's great about Graham walking and getting to start going to school!

  5. That's so exciting that Graham started walking!!

  6. Graham is walking?! Oh my goodness how exciting! I know that you are a proud momma! Watch out world... he's coming!

  7. I love the handprint fishes! So adorable!

  8. I am so happy that Graham is walking. Loved seeing it on IG. Those handprints are so cute. I am sad I was away during Dr. Suess week. I love girlfriend date nights. I need one soon!!! Hope you had a great weekend!