Monday, February 13, 2017


Monday morning we meet again! This weekend was a good one, lots going on!

Friday afternoon we had a playdate at our house with one of Jacks besties Brady and Graham had a friend who is his age over too. Alister was born one day after Graham and the funny thing is we were both at the same hospital. I wish I had known Bethany at the time! The boys had a great time playing. After the playdate we had our dear friends over for dinner. Jack adores Jay and Tate and always loves when they come over. They are so sweet to my boys and super patient! We joked with Jack that he was going to go home with them when they were getting ready to leave. Before I knew it he had grabbed his shoes and his pa and was ready to go. When we told him he wasn't really going he had the biggest crocodile tears and was so sad. I felt so bad! Kristi said he could spend the night there but I knew he wouldn't make it all night.

Saturday morning we woke up and met Nana and Grandaddy for breakfast and then headed to watch our nephew play basketball. I recently dropped Graham's morning nap so I was itching to do something that would pass the time in the morning. The boys surprisingly did really well. Jack watched and cheered Carson on and Graham was content eating puffs or walking around with Grandaddy.

After naps we went outside to play, I'm not sure if you're aware or not but Mother Nature has decided to bypass winter this year and we have had spring and even summer like temps lately. The boys had a great time riding in Jack's truck. Jack pulling Graham in the wagon totally melts my heart. Jack is also really taking an interest in golf so he couldn't pass up trying to hit the ball.

Saturday night Patrick and I peaced out for a date night! We had a great dinner at Pups and enjoyed the live music they had! The chocolate peanut butter cake was amazing!!

Sunday I had plans to take Jack to church, and well you know how that goes. We didn't end up at church, instead we ran a few errands and then were home for lunch and naps. After naps we headed outside again! It was actually hot. Like 81 degrees hot. I am just not ready for that. Give me the 60s and even low 70s but not 80s. Not yet, we deal with 80+ all summer and most of fall and I just can't do it from now until October. Patrick hung a flag pole that I got for Christmas and finished working on the rock wall to our swing set.

Sunday night I went to the opening night of a new bible study I'm participating in. I had taken a break after Graham was born for various reason and am so excited to get back into it. I am really excited about the book we are using. I think it's going to be such a great study and the days lessons are pretty short which is what I need. The topic is something I definitely need, in a world (especially the blogging world) where we are constantly comparing ourselves, our kids, our lives to others I am hoping to learn to be content and turn to Him. My favorite quote from the first session is "there is no win in comparison" it really resonated with me and something I need to write as my daily montra!

I hope you had a great weekend! Was the weather as warm for you as it was for us?

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  1. We have been blown away by the weather. I'm not complaining, but I'm not ready for summer like weather yet. Spring, yes! Looks like a great weekend. Poor Jack thinking he gets to go home with his friends. Ha ha!

  2. The weather was so crazy! I'm ready for it to be closer to spring so I don't feel so weird wearing springy clothes haha! And the chocolate pb cake looks so good that I would eat it right now!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. I adore their sweet outfits! And yay for date night!!! (You looked gorgeous.) And, one of my best friends and I shared the same doctor, worked together, our babies were born two days apart at the same hospital, and when I was working, our babies went to the same day care. Crazy town! :)

  4. Omg, those two riding in that truck is precious. Glad you guys got a date night in

  5. They are so cute!!! And yes the weather was amazinggg and we got outside after nap both days too!

  6. You cannot ask for any better weather right now! We loved being out and about the past few days too. Some warmth is good for everyone :) Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  7. I love the boys riding in the truck together - too cute! Yay for date night! Chocolate peanut butter cake is my favorite!!

  8. This weather is most definitely crazy. I mean, we always have a few mild days here and there, but it is straight up feeling like early summer out there these days! I have no clue what to wear every morning when I wake up! Have a great week, Emily!

  9. Our weather was amazing this weekend, too - I can totally get behind 70s in February! What a fun weekend you had :) Date night and that cake looks awesome!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  10. I am seriously so jealous of your weather. We have had the worst winter here. So much snow and rain and barely any sunshine. I need the vitamin D. But it looks like a great weekend. So sad that Jack got upset that he couldn't stay over. But still so sweet.