Thursday, February 2, 2017

A Day In The Life {January 31}

I love when people post day in the life posts. I guess that makes me super nosey! It's so fun to see what real life looks like for others. Whether you're a SAHM or a Working Woman I love to see what your daily life looks like. I have done one of these in the past and decided that it was time for another. I chose to document a Tuesday. Jack has school and usually I have a sitter in the morning but this week I didn't, so it was the perfect day to document!

I don't set an alarm in the mornings but Patricks goes off about 6. It takes me a bit of time to actually wake up. I typically lay in bed for about 15ish minutes and read a few morning blogs and then I'm out of bed by 6:30.

I throw on some clothes and head downstairs. Usually Jack is awake and either comes down with me or has already gone down with Patrick. Coffee is first on my list!

 On this morning both boys were still asleep so I was able to sit and drink my coffee and catch the morning news. I also take this time to link my post to any link ups I'm participating in and also finish reading the blogs that I follow.

Graham is the first one up and always wakes up so happy!
 We enjoy our morning snuggles while he drinks his milk and eats a cereal bar in my lap. This is the extent to his snuggling in the morning and he is off and playing!

 Jack wakes up shortly after Graham and the two of us head up stairs to get up!

 Jack takes a bit of time to wake up so he usually sits and watches the iPad for a bit.

About 8:00 the hustle and bustle of the morning starts. I get the boys breakfast and try and fix myself something. Lately I've been really into Avocado toast and a fried egg!

 Jack decided to be extra silly this morning.

While the boys ate breakfast I decided to unload the dishwasher and dishes from the night before. 

 After breakfast I got Jack dressed and let the boys play for a bit before we had to load up and head to school.

 On our way to school. Most mornings I don't have to take Graham with me but this particular morning he was my side kick!

After drop off Graham and I head back home where I put him down for his morning nap. Thankfully he falls right to sleep and I get busy doing all the things. Laundry, cleaning, organizing, making the bed. #chores

Graham slept until about 10:30 and once he was up and dressed we headed out to run our errands before it's time to get Jack at noon.

 I have been needing to go to Hobby Lobby so today Graham and I ventured here and then we ran one more errand before picking up Chick Fil A on our way to get Jack!

 On Tuesdays my cleaning lady is here so I like to eat lunch out so that my kitchen stays clean for at least an hour! Today we took CFA over to my in-laws. The boys were so excited that Grandaddy came home for lunch! Also...every day when I pick Jack up from school he says "did you get me Chick Fil A?" We must go here a lot haha.

After lunch I brought the boys home and put them down for naps! I would love to say that I spend this time doing all the things that I need to get done but that rarely happens. Usually you can find me on the sofa catching up DVR or some Greys Anatomy re-runs. Today it was Vanderpump Rules.

During nap I threw some dinner in the crock pot. This picture looks terrible but it was a pork tenderloin and it turned out fabulous!!

We had a fun park playdate planned for after nap and my boys decided to sleep extra long so I had to go wake them up. That is some good sleeping right there if you ask me!

 Thankfully both my boys are really good about being woken up and it didn't take us long to throw our shoes on and meet our friends! While we were at the park one of the boys had a potty accident. Thankfully we were all prepared and jumped right in to help out our friend and her son. Nothing says #momlife like jumping in to help your friend clean up her newly potty trained son!

I love going to the park because by the time we get home it's dinner time which means it's almost bed time! Patrick got the boys fed while I finished up getting dinner ready for us. I am trying to get to the point where we all sit down and eat together but so far it's not happening. Hopefully soon!

After supper the boys and I played for a little bit and then it was time for Graham to go to bed. He goes to bed about 6:30.

He is always super snuggly first thing in the morning and right before bed. I love our night time cuddles

After Graham is down Jack gets a bit more iPad time while Patrick and I catch up on the 6:00 news that we record. He usually comes over to snuggle up to me.

 8:00 is when Jack goes to bed. Patrick usually puts him to bed. After the boys are down we usually take some time and catch up on a show or two that we have recorded and then head up to bed promptly at 10:00. This night I fell asleep on the sofa. Patrick woke me up to go to bed but I didn't listen and fell back asleep. I wandered upstairs about 10:15. Got ready for bed, did one last facebook/instagram check and closed my eyes!

So there you have a typical day in my. If you are a SAHM does your day look similar? 

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  1. I love seeing what others do during their days too. That was a pretty full and fun day. I love to sleeping baby pictures. :)

  2. I absolutely love day in the life posts! Looks like you guys have a great routine down! I figure no one would be interested in mine, because we have no kids yet and my life isn't that exciting, but maybe it would be fun!

  3. Love that we did this on the same day! And our days are so different haha! I would LOVE to stay home :) Especially with the craziness going on at school lately ha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Girl, I just love seeing what people do in their days, too! And um, yes, 95% of the time I'm totally sitting on my butt watching DVR or Netflix during nap time, and doing #chores during Knox's morning nap...especially when Walker is at school! ;)

  5. I've been wanting to write a post like this but I never remember to start taking the pictures in the morning!

  6. Ummm, that shredded pork loin looks delicious! Can you share the recipe? :)

  7. love some good DITL posts!! Our days are definitely very similar. Lately more than ever, the kids wake up from their naps so anxious to go and do something fun. We have been walking to the park, going to Chick Fil A to play in the indoor playground when it's cold our going to a friends house to play and kill those last few hours between nap time and when daddy gets home!

  8. Love these kind of posts. I love snooping in on others too. So cool to see how everyone's days differ and how they are the same all at the same time. I agree with others. That shredded pork tenderloin looks really good!!!

  9. OK, so I totally think I'm the only person in the world who doesn't have a cleaning lady. Can you please call Brian and tell him I need one?! Lol. I love these posts so much! I have one planned for next week as long as I remember to take the pictures!

  10. Haha, falling a sleep on the couch totally sounds like me! These are my favorite posts, too. Makes me want to do one, too!

  11. I would love love love to have a cleaning lady every once in a while. Mostly to do my floors and bathroom.

  12. What a busy day! I'm jealous of your cleaning lady, btw. I actually LOVE to clean, but there's no time for that anymore! And I've been falling asleep on the couch lately too, haha.