Friday, February 24, 2017

Five On Friday {Birthday Edition}

Happy Fri-YAY friends!! What a fun week we have had. My mom has been in town visiting and we have had amazing weather. The boys and I have had a surprisingly good week with little melt downs {from me ha!}

Today is an extra special Friday, it is Patricks birthday! I love to celebrate birthday's big in our house. It's always fun to have a birthday on a weekend! We will celebrate all weekend long. Patrick and I are going out to this amazing restaurant On The Square with our best friends tonight, the boys are spending the night at my in-laws! The weather is going to be in the 80s so I guarantee most of the weekend will be outside!

Now on to 5 of my favorite things about Patrick! I could go on and on about him but here are some of the top things we love about him!

O N E | He takes selfies with me whenever I ask. I love to take pics and of course want to document us whenever we do something fun. He hates taking pictures so the fact that he appeases me and does it, and usually more than once because of course we didn't get a good one on the first try, makes me love him so much!

T W O | He is so sweet when he puts Jack to bed. We ask Jack nightly who he wants to put him to bed at 99% of the time he says daddy! Its because daddy reads him lots of books and then will lay with him until he falls asleep. The other night they were reading a book about firetrucks and all of a sudden Patrick came downstairs to get the fire extinguisher. I watch on the monitor and see him explaining to Jack all about how it works. It was the sweetest thing to watch, I often find myself stalking them over the monitor during bed time!

T H R E E | He gets on the floor with the boys and wrestles. I am not a rough and tough kinda mama so they love it when he gets down and lets them crawl all over him and play! Even after a long day of work he will come in the door, and immediately go into dad mode with the boys.

F O U R | He works so very hard to provide for our family! I am lucky that I get to stay home with the boys, but that means Patrick has to work extra hard. Owning his own business is hard work and I am so proud of the man he is and how he has grown his business over the years!

F I V E | He makes us laugh! Goodness he is a funny man. There isn't a day that goes buy that I don't laugh and that is because of Patrick. I love that he can turn any situation into something positive and most of the time he is making me laugh doing that!

So there you have it, five out of a million things that we love about him. We couldn't get through life without him and are so glad we don't have to!! I love you so much Patrick and I hope that this is the best birthday yet. So excited to celebrate many many more to come!

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  1. Love this post about your husband! He sounds like such a great husband and dad! I love that you get to watch bedtime routine over the monitor!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Happy Birthday, Patrick! Y'all have a wonderful weekend celebrating BIG! :)

  3. So so sweet! Happy Birthday to Patrick! Yall have fun!!

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  5. Happy Birthday to Patrick! What a great dad!

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  7. These are just too cute! Happy Birthday Patrick!

  8. Happy birthday to Patrick! Hope you're having an amazing weekend!

  9. I hope Patrick had a great birthday and you it's enjoyed all of the weekend celebrations!

  10. Hope Patrick had the best birthday weekend!