Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday Favorites

This entire week has me totally off. I can't believe that it's already Friday! I guess when you are out of town until Wednesday that will happen!

Here we go with my favorites from the week!

O N E | While I was in Charlotte I finally got to meet up with my friend Sarah. We met through my blog and I was so excited that it worked for us to have a playdate. Her girls are precious and I'm already plotting the arranged marriage between them and my boys!

T W O | My dads 70th birthday party! This was such a fun night and I just loved being home with both my sisters. I can't believe my dad will be 70 on Sunday! He had the best time with family and friends and that cake...ya'll it was gorgeous! It didn't look like a cake at all. He is super into wine and this was the perfect cake for him.

T H R E E | Pool season is upon us! Jack is loving being in the pool and it's so nice that I don't have to hold him constantly this year. Last summer he was still really scared.

F O U R | I've had several people message me about my nail color and it is definitely a summer favorite! it's the OPI gel and the color is mod about you. But my favorite way to go is 2 coats mod about you and 1 coat mod about you pastel (2 different colors). You can also do 1 coat Mod about you and 2 coats mod about you pastel. They both turn out awesome.

F I V E | I posted this on IG yesterday, but hydrangeas are my absolute favorite flower. We have tons planted in our flower beds and also currently have 5 huge pots on our porch. I cut these from the pots yesterday and they are just gorgeous! All pots are full of blooms!

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  1. Yay for visiting family! Looks like an absolute blast. And I'm with you being so off with the days this week. The case you have he hydrangea in makes me smile. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Can I love all of this?! I need a new nail color, and I might sneak by Target to pick that one up today! So glad you got to meet with Sarah, and I am loving all of this pool time, too! Your dad's birthday looks wonderful, and of course I am loving those hydrangeas! Happy Friday, friend!

  3. I LOVE those flowers - one of my favorites, too! I didn't realize they had a 'pastel' polish - I think I am going to need to check that out! Happy Friday!

  4. OH that gel color is beautiful. Love that you mixed the two. Yay for time with friends. That cake looks sooo cool for your dad's 70th birthday. it is my FIL's 70th birthday today!! Have a great weekend Emily!

  5. Interesting idea to mix up the nail colors!

  6. Your dad's birthday cake is AMAZING! It doesn't even look like a cake! Also, Mod About You is one of my very favorites. Such a classic, perfect girly look

  7. How fun that you got to meet up with a blogger friend!
    Happy 70th birthday to your dad! Looks like you all had a great time!
    P.S. I'm living in a house full of boys too!

  8. I need to get that bail polish! Also that cake is unbelievable!!!

  9. So fun to celebrate your dad. Russ' dad just turned 70 in the fall and we made a big deal out of it too. Pool season truly is the best time of the year!