Monday, May 15, 2017

$10 at Target

I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! We had a great Sunday spent with family. Today I am co-hosting a fun link-up! Each month we will share how we spend $10 at Target! Since I literally go to Target at least once a week I figured this was a no brainer for me! All you have to do is share how you spent $10 at Target!

My $10 was quite random this time. I needed some essentials as well as a few things for Jacks end of year party!

I love the dollar spot at Target. They always have the best seasonal finds. I am in charge of Jacks end of year class party and knew I wanted to get bubble wands for everyone. I had several that I had bought on clearance last summer so I only needed 3 this trip so that everyone in the class would get one!

I also needed to grab a pack of wipes. I usually buy a box of refillable ones but this time I grabbed a single pack. I need one to keep in the car. It's funny, I only use pampers diapers but when it comes to wipes Huggies Natural Care are the only ones I will use. I can't stand the pampers wipes for some reason.

We have lots of pots on our porch and two new ones by our front door. Jack loves to help water so I found this cute kid size watering can that he can use. He loves having the task of watering!

Lastly, I was in need of laundry detergent for the boys. I admit I am still using dreft for their clothes. Before Graham was born I had been using a Free and Clear for Jack but once Graham came along it was time to bust out the Dreft again. I love the smell and have continued using it! Now I have to give a disclaimer..I got the dreft for free!! Otherwise my budget would have been blown! I have mentioned before that I love love red perks. If you are not apart of the red perks program you have got to join! You just scan your phone every time you shop and you build up points. Once you reach 5,000 points you get a reward. This time I decided to use "choose any laundry detergent up to $15"

If you really have no clue what I'm talking about when it comes to red perks just ask whoever is checking you out, they can get you set it! It's totally worth it!

The breakdown of what I bought

Watering Can- $5.99
Wipes - $1.97
Bubble Wands -$3
Dreft- $15.99

Total - $26.95
Subtract Redperks reward - $15
Redcard 5% off

Grand Total- $11.35 

Ok so I went over... $1.35 but I consider this a win especially with getting the detergent basically free!

Now it's your turn to link up! Show us what you spent $10 on! Give some love to the other hosts of this link up and check out their pages!
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  1. That's so funny that you only use pampers diapers but huggies wipes! I was the exact same way. Huggies in my opinion makes the best wipes because they are nice and thick, and you can't beat pampers diapers =)
    It's been fun seeing how everyone is spending their $10! =)

  2. I am the same way with diapers and wipes. Ha ha! Well, I was. ;) I need to get on this Red Perks thing. I have been trying to research it, but can't really find anything Come on Target!

  3. Love that little watering can!!
    Is it sad that I miss using Dreft! HA.

  4. What?! With as much as I shop at Target they SHOULD be giving me perks. Got to investigate this next time - thanks for the tip!

  5. What a fun link up! I love the watering can-I imagine that being so much fun for littles to play with!

  6. That is so awesome that you got the Dreft for free! I used that for my first two littles and then I switched to Tide or All free and clear, but I do love Dreft! And those bubble wands are the best!

  7. Apparently the perks are only in certain areas? I looked it up after you last mentioned it!

  8. That watering can is so cute. I don't think I've heard of the perks before. Will have to look into that. I was thinking, how did she get Dreft for under $10 with all of that other stuff too! Pretty cool. I still use Dreft..actually I use it on my clothes too, haha!

  9. What the what?! That is a ton of stuff for just over $10! That Redperks rewards is awesome!

  10. Way to go on the savings!!! What a cute watering can. My girls are loving those lately!

  11. AAH! I didn't know you could use the points towards dreft! I was literally just thinking I need to pick up more. My poor toddler gets horrible eczema flairs if we use anything else. And those bubble wands are so much fun. We got one in blue!

  12. Red Perks... how in the world have I never heard of this!?

  13. I have never heard of the red card perks either.... hmmmm...

  14. RED PERKS? I need to commit this to memory, I've never even heard of it! I need this! I love bargains!

  15. What a fun link up! Target has been graced with our presence at least 3-4 times a week my entire maternity leave... embarrassing! I just love that place so much hahah

  16. Red Perks is not available everywhere. They only offer it in select markets.

  17. Red Perks is not available everywhere. They only offer it in select markets.