Monday, October 17, 2016

Scenes From Our Weekend

This weekend went from having no plans to being somewhat of a fun filled few days! I have not done a scenes from my weekend post in awhile so I thought that since we actually did something I would share! 

In my post Friday I said that Jack had come down with a random fever on Wednesday and that I had thought he was doing better that morning...thought being the key word. I was oh so wrong! He woke up totally fine Friday, seemed happy and his fever was gone. About 45 minutes after he woke up he started saying his tummy hurt, and he was getting warmer and warmer. He was definitely not acting himself and I knew that I didn't want to wait until 8 to  call and get an appointment with the ped for later in the day. Our ped has a walk in hour from 8-9 so at 7:20 I decided that we were going to head there. Our ped is 40ish minutes away and I needed to get all 3 of us dressed, drop Graham at my MIL's and head on. We surprisingly made it by about 8:20, and there was only one person waiting in front of us! 

By this time Jack was beyond miserable. The whole way there he was crying, and whining, and I could tell he felt horrible. He sat in my lap at the office and just laid his head down, which is so unlike him. This was by far the sickest I have seen him and it broke my heart. The nurse said that she had seen 4 cases of strep just within the past 24 hours and she would go ahead and swab him to be sure. He has only had strep one time before this and showed no symptoms so I didn't think it was out of the realm of possibility, and sure enough, it came back positive! I was actually quite glad it was this vs just a fever virus that had to run its course. Within a few hours of taking his first dose of antibiotics he was back to his usual self! Fever was gone and he was happy and playing! 

Aside from Jack being sick and pitiful, I had spent the previous 2 days waiting on Fed Ex to deliver my new iPhone. It kept saying that it was to be delivered by the end of day and each day it was bumped to the next day. Finally by Friday I was beyond annoyed and did not want to have to wait at home all day for a delivery. As I was leaving to take Graham to have his silhouette made I spotted the fed ex deliver truck. Y'all...I actually chased him down in my neighborhood to get my package. I was snapping the whole even to my friend Daphne. I was definitely the crazy girl, thankfully we have a sweet delivery driver and he knew exactly what it was that I wanted! I felt so much satisfaction after finding him and getting it! 

Graham and I headed to the store in town where Clay Rice was for his silhouette appointment. Thankfully it only takes him less than 5 minutes and there is the cutest picture of my baby to sit next to Jacks. 

We ordered pizza and just hung out the rest of the night. 

As if Jack hadn't been through enough the day before with his strep diagnosis he was 'helping' me make eggs for breakfast and I turned to put the hot pan in the sink and no sooner than I turned around he put his hand on the hot burner. I felt so bad!! He was a trooper and after the initial pain wore off he really hasn't complained much. It could have been so much worse, there are minimal blisters and it is just red. 

After breakfast  Patrick, Jack and I headed to his brothers to check on the damage from the flood and to see if they needed help. Jack had fun driving Davids truck and siting on the tractor. 

 All of this area in front of our car was completely under water. My brother in law drove a boat with a motor down this road!

We all came home and took good afternoon naps and then met my in laws for dinner. 

Sunday morning my friend Megan said they were headed to a farm and so we tagged along and met them there! I plan to share more details about this on Wednesday's halloween link up but here is a cute picture of my boys!! 

The rest of the day was spent watching football and hanging out. We enjoyed some outside time before dinner and baths! 

Whew, this turned into a much longer post than I had thought. Thanks for hanging with me until the end {if you made it that far!} 

I hope you had a great weekend! It's supposed to get back up into the 80's this week and I am not thrilled about it! 

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  1. Poor Jack. He couldn't catch a break this weekend. :( Glad he's feeling better. OMG the boy's matching outfits are killing me. Love them! I'm definitely not excited about the hot temps this week. Let's stay at 70-75 and be done with it.

  2. Oh no - so sorry that Jack had such a rough start to the weekend but looks like things turned around by Sunday!! Hope you have a great start to the week! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Poor little guy! He couldn't catch a break this weekend! Love the silhouette !

  4. Good grief, poor Jack! What a trooper he is!

  5. Bless him! Strep is no fun. He's so precious!!! Both are!
    LOL at you chasing down the FedEx father in law works for Fed Ex, and trust me you are not crazy compared to some of the things he has experienced!
    The boys little fall outfits are precious, and I just love their hair!

  6. Bless Jack's little heart! Goodness gracious, it sounds like he went through the ringer this weekend. I'm so glad to hear that he's feeling better! I hope all of you stay well so you can enjoy your week!

  7. good to hear Jack is feeling better..
    a 40 minute drive to the doc.. wow.
    the flood sounds horrible.. i can't even imagine.
    oh my god your boys look adorable in their matching outfits!