Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Happy Fri-Yay! Gosh this week has dragged on. It's been hotter than anything every day which makes for some lazy afternoons spent inside enjoying the AC. We haven't been to the pool in almost 3 weeks. I don't do heat and humidity well and when you add in two small kids going anywhere is a chore. Just loading them into their carseats in my garage causes me to break out into a sweat.

My top favorites this week:

O N E // I really haven't felt much like cooking this week because it's been so incredibly hot. The last thing I want to do is stand over hot stove or make Patrick grill out after he's been outside working all day. Last week I picked up this magazine at Harris Teeter. It has some awesome quick recipes. I tried out the baked ravioli. It was so good and Patrick didn't even miss the fact that it didn't have meat. Although you could easily add ground beef to the sauce.

T W O // Nothing makes my heart happier than seeing my babies playing with my friends babies. Yesterday afternoon my bestie drove about an hour from where she lives to come play for the afternoon. She has the cutest one year old little boy. The boys all had a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with her!

T H R E E // Yesterday I had to take my car to the dealership for an oil change and inspection. Usually I just drop it off but I wasn't able to do so today. So I packed my lap top and my coffee and decided to wait it out in the lobby. Usually I would have been so bothered that I waited for 2 hours but honestly it was nice to be able to sit and relax and even work on some upcoming blog posts without having a little one constantly needing my attention.

 F O U R // These smiles. I just can't get enough. Such a happy gummy grin that I"m going to miss seeing as soon as his teeth start popping in!

F I V E //  Spontaneous lunch dates with this guy are my favorite! We were able to sneak away for a quick lunch just the two of us.

I saw these two pictures come up on my instagram newsfeed this week and they both made me laugh because they are both so me.

A pretty random bunch of things this week. We are having some friends over tonight and because it's again..SO HOT {incase you haven't heard!} we are just going to do a bunch of apps. I also need to get my fanny in gear and get this family packed because we leave for our trip in the near future!

Have a great weekend, sweet friends!

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  1. I love watching my kids play with friend's kids too. It's so fun to see the interaction and friendships created. Ummm...I would have loved sitting at the dealership alone to just hang for a few hours too. Score!! Yay for lunch dates! Those are the best.

  2. It's so nice when kids start actually playing with other kids. We're finally getting to the point where my kids do just latch onto me when we go to friends' homes.

  3. I always have that dilemma in the summertime. It’s too hot to cook. I just want things like salads or cold sandwiches! But, since we just got back from a 11 day trip it’s time to detox and stop eating out so much!! I better get some meals planned quick! I need to grab that magazine and check it out. Such cute pictures!! Love those gummy smiles. I am a picture hoarder, too! Right before vacation I moved all of my iPhone photos over to my external hard drive. Even then I could only delete like 700 off my phone. I am up to 2600+ photos on my phone again!